Actually I Don't Have It, Charcot Marie Tooth Is In The Same Category And More People Have It!

There are like 13 people in the group of Charcot Marie Tooth, and 830 in this one. These diseases are "kissing cousins" and more people have CMT than have MS and no one has even heard of the disease of Charcot Marie Tooth. How can the most common neuropathic disease, more common than MS, be a disease that no one has ever heard of?
This issue bothers me since I have Charcot Marie Tooth but I also wonder how this happened. They are both diseases that mostly affect the quality of life more than the years you will live because they both have the same variety of forms that can onset early and hard, later or lesser, but they will always result in the person with this disease having to deal with serious physical deterioration at some point in their life. I would like to see these two diseases merge in their "visibility" and the support they get.
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CMT and MS are 2 seperate diseases. CMT affects 1 out of every 2,500 people, MS affects 1 out of 7. CMT is a disorder of the peripheral nervous system, MS is a disease of the auto-immune system. CMT is genetically inherited, MS is not. There is no treatment for CMT. There is treatment for MS. Both have symptoms of neuromuscular disease.

Yes I know they are 2 different diseases, my point originally was that it surprises me since they fall in the same disease category that that almost the same amount of people have this disease according to the CHARCOT MARIE TOOTH site and yet as evidenced by 13 members in the CMT group and 830 in the MS group either a lot of people don't want to go on the record or some of them may think they have MS, in any event not very many people have heard of it which makes it difficult to find a doctor who can help those of us who have it. There is no cure but there are treatments. From the CMT web site: Worldwide, 2.6 million people have CMT. ... It is nearly as prevalent as multiple sclerosis.

I agree with your comment. In my family CMT has been in the blood line for over 6 generations. The males are diagnosed with CMT and the women are carriers of the disease. There are 2 females that are diagnosed with M.S.; 1 with parkinson's; and another with Meniers. Yes these diseases are similar but there is a big distinction between them; M.S. affects the central nervous system and CMT affects the systemic nervous system. I was checked for CMT before M.S - the major difference is that CMT does not leave behind lesions on the brain or spinal cord. I know what CMT can do- I watched what it did to my great grandfather. There does need to be more attention to CMT - so if you are desiring more attention towards the disease why not develop a web site for it. I bet you could get a lot of followers.
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There are 3 web sites for it already and they have been around several years but as you can see from the ratio of people on this site that say they have MS compared to those that have CMT there seems to be a lot of people who either don't let people know they have the disease or don't know that is what they have. At least if the statistics on all the medical web sites are correct in that it is move common than MS. You do have the correct information about the diseases, thank you for your support.