Scary Isn't It?

It was about November 2004. I had just started a new and exciting job when I woke up one morning to find I had pins and needles in both feet. It was very unpleasant but nothing too amazing - I just assumed I had been lying in bed funny.

I went to work but that feeling stayed there. My feet were becoming more and more uncomfortable to walk on. I was beginning to think I may have trapped a nerve or something but still didn't take it seriously. I was fit, healthy, active and had never had any major illness.

Then it started getting scary. Days later the feeling had changed into a heavy numbness and had crept up my legs several inches a day. Within about 4 days this numbness had spread up to my waist. It felt like I was wearing a thick wetsuit in that I could feel the sensation of something touching or poking me but as if through layers that restricted the feeling somewhat. To walk, however, was sheer agony. I felt like I was walking on blocks of splintery wood. To take a step was unbearable. My doctor didn't have a clue what to do. He had orginally assumed, as I did, that I had a trapped nerve but then referred me to a neurologist.

The neurologist told me I either had a virus affecting my brain and would probably go away very soon or... I had multiple sclerosis. Well, the latter option seemed ridiculous. Why would someone like I get MS? Sure enough, the feelings in my legs started going back to normal. The recovery wasn't pleasant. Not at all. As the feeling returned, my legs seemed hyper sensitive. Any little touch was shocking. However, I got better and laughed it all off thinking I had that virus.

About 6 months later, pins and needles returned but this time in my arms, chest and fingers. Very very unpleasant as you can imagine. As before, numbness followed to the point where the neurologist could stick pins in my chest and I didn't feel a thing. He ordered a lumbar puncture. If you have had one of those, you'll know how horrific they are. I won't go into that.

The lumbar puncture confirmed my worst nightmare. I had MS. I was prescribed Betaferon to be taken subcutaneously by injection every 2nd day. I still take it and its a pain in the butt (forgive the lame pun). Whilst it is not nice to have an injection every 2nd day - I have not had one single symptom since taking it. I owe my health and life to it.

I am now focussed on changing my life to be with the woman I love. She accepts my illness and will support me the whole way. What an amazing woman and I know how lucky I am to find such a lady. Soon we'll be together and life will be perfect.

Thanks for reading my story.
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Jan 21, 2013