I Keep Telling Myself It Could Have Been Worse

I am 26 and was just diagnosed with MS October 2012. It started with vision problems in my left eye. I had double vision for over a week and just kept thinking it was going to go away on it's own. I was right but what I was about to find out was pretty shocking to me and my family. I was so dizzy and so incredibly tired I couldn't even describe it. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and keeping up with them was almost impossible. First I went to a general doctor and he could not find a thing wrong with me. I then went to the eye doctor and he saw that I had a weak nerve in the eye that I was having trouble with. He then suggested I go get an MRI (which I was a little shocked) because he needed a better look at why I was having these symptoms. I asked him what is the worst it could be? MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. Ok I have heard of it but never really knew what it was. I wasn't really worried at that point. I went had the MRI done (which was terrifying by itself haha) then a day later the eye doctor called me and I could just tell in his voice that it was not good news. "It looks like MS, I'm sorry" Ok he was nicer than that but that's basically what he said to me. I of course started crying because I thought it was something like cancer. I was so uneducated about the disease that not me or my husband really knew what was going to happen. Over the next few weeks I was getting blood work and test you know all that jazz. Now I am on Avonex shots once a week (those are lots of fun :( But like in my story title...... it really could have been worse. I can fight this disease and I am lucky enough to have had these symptoms while I am still pretty young. Anyway, I am glad I got to tell my story to whoever reads this :D
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1 was diagnosed 20 yrs ago when my two girls were little. That was my greatest fear- how this would affect them. I am happy to report that one is a college graduate and the other a sophomore atSU. They have grown up to be such kind people, with a sense of the world being bigger than they are, so they are always willing to help a stranger by opening doors or carrying groceries for old ladies. Ms is a curse but can be a blessing. As my disease flared up and abated, we all learned little lessons along the way. We learned big ones too- as mick jagger so eloquently put it " you can't always get what you want". My only advice-and forgive me as you didn't ask- be open and honest with your children. Kids internalize everything, so I tried to take ms and make it like an uninvited guest who won,t leave. It,s not my fault, it,s not your fault, it's nobodies fault, that damn ms. My kids are so much wiser than their friends.

Since mid november I've had headaches every day. For about a week I had double vision in my left eye and toward the end of november most of my hearing is gone in my left ear. After getting fed up with my old doctors office staff, I changed doctors. He sent me for a MRI to see if there was something wrong in that area of my head. Two days later I got the results. It hasn't been confirmed by a neurologist yet; that appointment is this friday. The radiologist report points to early stage MS. I got this news 30 minutes before I had to be at work. I wasn't much use there that night.

I'm so sorry. I know how you feel. It really sucks. Especially when you go to a bunch of doctors and they cannot figure out what is wrong with you..... then all of a sudden that gets thrown at you :(

Hi there, I am so glad that you shared. This is my first time on EP and I don't really know how it works,but here goes...I was first diagnosed at 31, I had a 4 year- old and I was PREGNANT! The kids are all grown up now...the baby is in college and life is pretty damn good. I write a blog about my MS and I think you might like to visit. It's funny (I hope) and most of all it lets you know you can expect for things not to be so bad...to even be pretty great! www.msopenmic.wordpress.com
Good luck.

Thank you for sharing this with me. It really does give me hope :D I just keep thinking that as I get older it is just gonna get worse and I am going to be this miserable little old lady that is in pain all the time :(

If you can, find an exercise plan that works. Keep it up. That will help you feel like you are fighting ms, and you are doing everything you can to avoid that miserable old lady that's in pain. I feel like I am that old lady in pain all the time, but I'm not miserable. I just keep up the good fight, and keep pursuing answers to the symptoms that affect me the most. As for the pain, that,s orthopedic in nature. As for my life- I say hooray! I,m still on this side of the dirt. So you,re right things could always be worse.