MWF Seeks Motivation

Physical therapy is a key component to managing ms. Like most people, even those w/o ms, I don't get enough exercise. Use it or lose it they say, and they are right.

It is my intent to tackle this. I need to exercise. I have a script for pt and an exercise bike in the basement. I still have enough strength left to make some progress. I just wish I felt like doing something.

Oh well. Gotta go. The Wendy Williams show is on.
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Workout is the key, Taking care of yourself the best you can.

I like Wendy Williams too! :) haha
Working out if tough. Everytime I get into it (even yoga) I feel worse or get another attack :( still gotta do something.

Yes we do. I just wish I felt like it. Maybe it's the weather, but I just want to go back to bed. You have to learn to manage your energy, and always a struggle. Do I ride my bike or clean the kitchen? S such is life.

Do you have a job? I feel like after working a full week it is hard to do anything else.

No. I left the work force 10 years ago. I had a really good job, one I liked very much, but Barbra Walters once said you can have a great career, a great marriage, and wonderful kids, but the best you get is two out of three. And when you add ms to the list the whole thing goes out the window. I said that, she didn't. i did work when I had ms for 10 years, and you,re right- sometimes there,s nothing left over. That why they deliver pizza and Chinese food. My kids would get all excited " yay moms ms is bad today so we get pizza. " so I guess perception is everything, right?

LOL at pizza :)
Did you leave your job because of MS? It really is too much to deal with on top of having a job. Most of the time it is difficult. However, it wasn't always like that for me before.

Yes it was because of the ms. I had taken a promotion I probably shoUldnt of, but I wanted to earn as much as I could as long as I could. Besides I figured the learning curve of a new job would buy me some time. This job involved a lot of travel, and that's what broke the camel's back, so to speak. I was just too tired. But I really need to go because I really was neglecting a lot, half assing my home life, and myself and my health. I was stressed to the max. It was hard to pull the trigger on that, too. But I had a boss who made that easy,he was such a jerk. ;)

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