55 And Recently Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

It took more than a year to diagnose me as my first MRI showed that I had several mini-strokes in the past.

I am scheduled to start taking daily shots of copaxone tomorrow.

My walking and ability to stand for more than 2 minutes has gotten progressively worse over the past year or so. I still drive and can do most everything that doesn't require much walking or standing.

I read that tolerating heat is a problem with multiple sclerosis and I've always been bad with tolerating heat.

I am single (never been married and no children).

It bothers me that I'm no longer able to travel to family occasions.

I live in a senior community as there are people to help me if I need help but it is independent living.

I also have an online business, BiddingForTravel.com, where we assist people bidding for hotels and rental cars on Priceline.com.

Any suggestions for a newbie?
TravelSheryl TravelSheryl
51-55, F
Feb 8, 2013