Relapsing Remitting Ms - Maybe Progressive

I have the kind where after my last attack I didn't get back to my previous baseline.  How I feel right now, I would have never gone to work before... but since this appears to be as good as it gets, I resumed my life.

My last brain lesion was the size of a golfball . . . Talk about your serious brain injury Major paralysis for quite some time

You've got to be happy for all the other things you've got and remember -- We're mind, body and spirit --- If the body goes.... You need to have your other aspects in order

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My late neurologist said ' a rose by any other name is still a rose'. So we just worked our way up to beta seron, then tysabri. My new neurologist said whatever it is it has a relapsing component, so let's go from there. But I have great trust in my doctor now as well as the late doctor (cancer). I believe I have enough on the bean to participate in my now and we work together towards my future being as minimally impacted by ms. I never realized just how dysfunctional my family was until my kids grew up and pointed it out.

hi iam nikki i just read yr letter u said RRMS may get progressive iam worried now iam having ms from last 4 years i hope future holds good news for all

I'm currently working on a Market Research Study for patients with Relapsing Remitting in the Los Angeles, CA area. We are handling auto-injection devices and discussing them. If you have relapsing remitting and are currently on injectable medication then please contact me to see if you qualify.

hi there its nice that you are working on RRMS research iam having ms i am taking copaxane from last 4 years

What do you use for pain ?

hi bonnie

Never give up, sometimes we just have to rethink what we have been doing and except what we can't do any longer and remember we can overcome this as well! We just have to go about using a more unconventional route than the non-ms society. Best wishes.

Hey, do you have silver fillings? Mine caused 70 symptoms of MS: from ataxia, numbness of my toes and fingertip, "a burning brain," loss of peripheral vision, hypoglycemia, depression/anxiety/mania, memory loss, chronic fatigue, chronic sinusitis, vertigo, bladder infections, and a host of other symptoms.<br />
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This is because silver fillings are 50-70% mercury, which is released into the body as ethylmercury vapor. Anywhere from 3-29 micrograms of mercury are released by these fillings every day. The symptoms of MS and mercury poisoning are effectively the same. I got them removed and most of my symptoms are gone, I just have to spend a few years getting rid of the residual mercury from my tissues. Believe me or not, I honestly don't care. It's not going to be the case for everyone. I just know it worked for me.<br />
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Also if you've been exposed to a lot of thimerosal from vaccines, this could have triggered it. Also the government is now admitting that Hepatitis B vaccines can trigger demyelinating diseases. Check out the FDA's website if you want to confirm there is mercury in vaccines. No level is safe, considering it's more toxic than lead and arsenic. It is the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man. I have nothing to gain telling people this, only the hope that someone can recover the way I did. It's my hope.

the roots of Experience Project are built from our experience with the MS community, and so we have a special fondness for all MS'ers. Welcome to EP, and we're so glad you've been able to get over that massive flare and resume some normalcy. What medications are you trying?