MS Horror Story

The timeline is January 2012.I started having problems walking and keeping my balance and as you can well understand being a security guard at a hospital,where my main job was a walking patrol,this quickly became a problem.I managed to keep it from my bosses because I didn't want to lose my job.Before I continue telling my horror story you have to know my history a bit.The following is a list of my diseases or ailments
and the dates I was diagnosed.2004-----Crohn's Disease 2008-----Bursitis right hip.2011---- Ostioperosis 2012-----Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 2012-----Ostioarthritis.I also have G.i.r.d.(Gastrointestinal reflux disease) and a mild to moderate case of Hyper-Hydrosis.
So on to my story.I was being treated for depression.I quickly discovered that coming in for depression was my biggest mistake.My doctor after that point didn't beleive anything I was telling him.On my last appointment with that doctor I complained that my walking and balance was worse and I numbness in my legs all the way up to my hips.Needless to say I was terrified.The so called doctor told to go home that there was nothing wrong with me,that all I needed was a little exercise.He wasn't listening to my complaints.I got very angry and stormed out.I then went home to my aged parents pleading for help.Instead of getting help and support from my father he turned on me saying he beleived the doctor and said he thought I was a useless piece of crap and faking all of my symptoms so as to get a free ride from the government.At that point my brother and father had turned on me,beleiving that I was just some lazy piece of crap.At that point I didn't see the point of living because my own family turned on me and all because the doctor was a freaking moronic idiot and didn't think I was telling the truth.I decided to take a bottle of Oxy-codone but befor I could my mother found the bottle of pills.I split and tried to do myself in with a hose on my tailpipe-I chikened and decided to self commit myself in the phych unit of the local hospital.After getting out I got a appointment with a specialist.He immediately sent me to Halifax and in 4 days was diagnosed with MS(that was August 2012)On Nov 1rst I got my final diagnosis and It Was bad news it PPMS.Most likely I will end up in a wheelchair or bed ridden.I already have to walk with either 2 canes or a walker and then I can't go very far because my legs give out and due to the fact that I have Crohn's and MS both working on my bowel,I have very little control and my bowel evacuates its entire contents without my consent.You can understand how hard it is to go anywhere.SO MOST OF MY PROBLEMS IS BECAUSE MOST DOCTORS ARE JUST PEOPLE---AND SOME OF THEM ARE JUST MORONIC ********.
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Apr 6, 2013