I Am Treating My MS With High Doses Vitamin D

I have ms since 2009..Last year I had new 4 lesions, I could barely walk, I had new symptoms, like equilibrium problems, my EDDS was 4,5.

One day I read a book of Jeff Bowles about high doses of vitamin d3..there was a link that impressed me about a doctor from Brasil who is treating ms with high doses d3.

I begun to talk with his pacients on facebook or mail, I discovered the treatment, I made an appointment with the doctor. His name is Cicero Galii Coimbra, he is neurologist and lives in Brasil, Sao Paulo.
I am taking a really high dose d3. To avoid hypercalciuria, I must drink daily 2.5 lts water, I must not eat dairy products, not take calcium supplements and not take nephrotoxic drugs.

I am following this treatment from 8 months, I feel much much better. My doctor from here, from Italy was really impressed about the way I look and feel now. I have improvements in all my symptoms.

I suggest to all ms patients to do the test 25 oh d3 too the level of d3, and after that to keep it up to 100 ng d3.
10 000 ui daily is perfectly safe .
" Correale, on the other hand, takes the opposite stance. To the question, “If I had a clinically isolated syndrome with MRI diagnostic of MS, I would take vitamin D 10,000 IU daily,” Correale says yes. He argues, “It is safe, probably effective and I do not have time to wait for the trials to be done.”

Hutchinson perhaps splits the difference between Correale and Lubetski, claiming that he would not prescribe 10,000 IU of vitamin D/day to one of his patients with CIS, but wouldn’t hesitate to take 10,000 IU of vitamin D/day if he himself or a relative had CIS. In order to prescribe vitamin D to a patient, he says, we need phase III trials. But since those trials are 2-3 years from completion, if he had CIS, he wouldn’t wait."

I take vitamin d3 from Healthy Origins or Now Foods. My doses of d3 are much higher than 10 000, my vitamin d3 level is much higher, but I am on a doctor supervision. All my tests are ok..for example the most important test is a 24 hour urine test, where I see the level of the calcium in the urine.. another important test is PTH, that must be under 20. Anyway, I do much more tests, all are fine.

I also take 100 mg B2, riboflavin, B12 methycobalamin, choline, some minerals and omega 3 (I take 4 capsules DHA from Now Foods daily).

This study says that each 10ng/ml higher 25-hydroxyvitamin D level was associated with a 15% lower risk of a new T2 lesion and a 32% lower risk of a relapse, so with a level of 100 ng d3 u should feel much better. 100 ng d3 is allowed, is the maximum level when u test your vitamin d3.

This is the link of a doctors's pacient from Australia

I also made a page on facebook

This is my treatment. I will do my MRI in january next year :)
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I too take a high dose of D3, but I also take K2 - which is supposed to help your body deal with calcium so the high D3 does not cause issues.

Hi! for ms a good d3 level is at least 160 ng (my level is higher, but 160 ng it s a very good level). I take more than 40 000 ui daily, I have one year and 2 weeks of treatment. another test I must do is PTH , must be under 20. very important is the calcium in the urine.
the most important thing is that I drink daily 2.5 lts water .who does not dring daily this quantity of water, must not follow this treatment. I also don t eat dairy products. I eat a lot of fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts ecc...
well, last year I could t walk without my mom s help...in july this year I went alone in Brasil, In Sao Paolo, to see my doctor..so, yes, I had so many improvements :)

As I said, taking 10 000 units d3 is very safe, and it s important to do the test 25 oh d3. take care of u!

What is your vitamin d level and what level do you strive to maintain. also how much vitamin d 3 to you take daily 30,000-40,000. Are you on a calcium restricted diet and what food are you allowed to eat and not. Can you tell me the symptoms that went away since you been following this treatment. Thanks and god bless you. You are so inspiring.

Thanks for the M.S. update. My neuro has treated me with vitamin D.