Don't Know What to Expect!

I have MS. It is still really hard for me to say. I was diagnosed in September, I just turned 30. I can't believe that I have MS. I was very surprised to learn that most are diagnosed in their 20's. I thought I was too young to have anything like this happen to me. I started Copaxone. So I ask, whats next? Everything is so scary, If i get pins and needles in my leg, I am afraid I will wake up paralyzed. If I forget what I am about to say, I am afraid I will wake up and have no control of my mind. I dont even know why I am writing this, I just didnt know where to start.

mssucks mssucks
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I am 26 years old, with two small kids. My daughter is 4, and my son just turned 1 today. I go for my first MRI tomorrow. The last week has been brutal... My boss has even mentioned to me about taking time off..... I'm a single mom who works in a bar... My husband moved out in april, and everything was looking up, until last week. I'm afraid of what will happen when i have my MRI, will i be diagnosed? how long does it take to recieve the actual diagnoses? I live in a relatively small community, and they got me in for my MRI within 5 days.... you hear about people waiting months and months for these things....

I am soo sorry to hear about your diagnoses and I also have ms and diagnosed when I was 12 and now only 13! It is rough but i enjoy hearing how life is for others..I am on avonex and am not a fan of it!<br />
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Marissa Joy

HELP! HELP!<br />
I have PPMS. I do not know what to expect or what is going on with me. I am already depedant to a w/c and I have a 5 yr. old daughter and a 28 yr. old son I will never be loved again like I want. Will I be able to see her grow up?? Will it be so hard for her growing up in this small country community.

I have not been diagnosed yet! But I have been ill for 17 months with sharp needle like pain in my right leg. My feet are tingly as are my fingers> I twitch terrible and have horrible memory loss. My worst symptom is the pain in my ear and left side of face. Like my head is being slamed in a car door over and over and over...... I have no answers! I have one more MRI this one will be the first on my spine and then a LP. what do you think? I am 44 and have been as healthy as a horse pretty much my whole life! I am white, female and am from England but live in Manitoba Canada. Which apparently has a huge population of MS patients. Any advise? I think Ive seen every specialist in Manitoba! If I am not diagnosed with MS the neurologist says Trigeminal Neuralgia will be the diagnosis !! But, I am not convinced! Let me know! email me at If you can offer any help or advise.

I think I was fine with the diagnosis until my leg started getting weak and I had a relapse in Dec. That is when I really got scared. I am still scared today. It is the unexpected that frightens me as well. The cog fog is heavy right now so I will have to come back later to respond. Just know you are not alone.

Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your story with me. You are right it is very easy to feel lonely because no one understands but it is really nice to hear that I have you both. I am on Copaxone as well. It does have less side effects than the others but its still tough to give yourself a shot everyday. You guys are amazing for being so positive, I cant say I am the same. I started off pretending like I didnt have it and put up a mask to be really strong in front of people, but now I am starting to fall apart. Im scared. I dont know what to expect and that really scares me.

I have MS also and I agree with the comment above, you are not alone MS will get the best of you if you let it. I take Copaxone myself, the medication, haqs helped me to have less attacks, I been diagnoised for 5yrs and I am 44. People dont understand the pain we have or the needle sensations we get with MS,but we cant exspect them to understand that is why we have sights like this one so that we can let it all out, and the best thing is that someone understands you. Dont liet it get the best of you stay positive and try and focus on being happy really there is nothting you can do about it now you already have, so make the best of what you have honey and get involved the best you can anf honestly there are alot worse off than just MS. take care we are here for you.

Dear mssucks. I'm sorry to hear about your newly diagnosed news. That's the hardest time to face the reality of it, but it gets better if you think positively.<br />
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I have MS too. I turn 30 this year. I was diagnosed a few years years ago when my first attack was Optical Neuritis. Since then I have been hospitalized about once a year for this or that.<br />
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Im on Avonex, but I hate the long needles and gruesome way our symptons are "delayed" instead of cured. I can only work on myself to prevent an furthur onset- work out, eat healthy, get good sleep, take vitamins, and regulate everything else. <br />
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I have several different pains I deal with, including: "electric shocks" in my spine, elevated temperatures and sweating, dizziness, fainting, numbness, my left leg goes out, I drop things, mild memory gaps, horrible circulation, burning pains in my head and neck, and more. I can go on and on, but overall I'm going to fight this. <br />
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You have to stay strong physically and mentally. Don't get depressed, it only worsens your condition. <br />
I have really few people in my life that "understand" truely what it's like to have ms, so I feel alone often. Family and friends just can't comprehend it, sometimes I think they try to forget that I have anything. But that doesn't mean I can. So I fight. And I will until they find a cure. <br />
Stay strong. I'll be right there with you.