It's very difficult having a condition where you look fine on the outside but feel bad. People look at you and think " well she looks fine, what's her problem?" MS is definitely not a fun disease to have. First of all it is very difficult to diagnose. Then, they have to find the right medication that works for you. I am now on my fourth medication. I was diagnosed in 2004 with MS. I started having horrible pain in my right eye. Then suddenly, I lost the sight totally in that right eye. That was so scary. It took quite awhile to get my sight back, but I did ( luckily ). When I was diagnosed, they sent me to an Opthamologist who said I had Optic Neuritis. He sent me right to the hospital and to a Neurologist. Who did a brain MRI and found the plaque and lesions. So, he knew right away that it was MS. My late husband was my rock. Even though I took the news like a punch to the gut. He reminded me that I didn't "just" get it. I had had it for awhile. It was just showing itself. And that we would get through it. I'am one of the lucky ones. I live an active and full life. I have flare ups from time to time. They just give me IV steroids and they calm down. There are so many people who are affected so much worse. So many people who are in wheelchairs. So many people who can't walk and can't move. I feel so blessed when I think of how lucky I'am. I thank God every day. I will be so happy the day that they find a cure for this disease.
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God bless you.... You seem very strong and I wish you nothing but the best....hang in there!

How are you doing? I'm newly diagnosed and it's a lot to take in, but like you I've had symptoms for a long time.

At least you can talk about it. All this technology these days and they can't find cures for these and other problems people go through. I just don't get it.

Hope they find one soon,a cure,great to hear your fighting this terrible desease,yes I know others who have had and some have died but not from MS but from chest illness' that develope pneumonia so please watch out for these illness'.