What Do I Do Now ?

During the winter of 1989 I was very sick with what I thought was a virus . I was being treated with anti-bio tics and was told to rest .I had just taken a job as an activity director in a nursing home and was not able to stay home because holiday party's were planed for the residents up to New Years eve. . I was so sick that I even got lost going to work one morning .I pulled my car over to the side of the road and sat and cried ,was I losing my mind why couldn't I find my way to my job ?I was so frightened ! My work was beginning to suffer ,I couldn't recall residents names and needed to check their name bands without them knowing it .They were very close to me and would stop in my office to talk to me and I always had time for them ,now I was getting weaker and not responding properly .I discouraged the morning visits as I hid my health problems by telling them I needed to do paper work .I got through the holidays but would crawl out of bed to get into the bathroom for my shower .Little did I know hot water makes MS. worse . I went in  2 days  after New Years  and almost collapsed as I pushed a resident to a church service the administrator of the center saw me and insisted That I call my doctor . Next thing I knew I was driven to the hospital and remained for one week for testing . At the end of the week I was told that I had a nerve disease and needed more tests . I was so sick during my stay there . When I was released I was told I could only work 1/2 day .  . I wasn't getting better and went to another hospital for one month and had test done daily ,it was h  *** for me .Then came the news not only did I have MS. but ..I also had LYME Disease ! I  battled this for the entire summer of 1990 and still was ill . Now I was taking meds for MS  and Lyme . WOW ! I needed to have my lines changed as they closed daily from all the IVs I had for the month . I was a mess .Did the Lyme cause my MS ?  Who knows . The doctors were baffled by this . Well I couldn't work and went on disability .i It took close to 2 years to get disability . We struggled trying to meet our bills as we went from two checks to one . We never recoped ,and this was difficult for my teenage children also . I went to counseling , support groups and relied on family for help . I was on so much medication that I couldn't function .Then one day I made up my mind ,I called the specialist and told him Iwas throwing out the meds he put me on because I couldn't think clearly or walk well . I then made up my mind to look for a good neurologist.Today  I am walking ,getting things done at home and resting when necessary .

dovescoo dovescoo
Feb 10, 2009