The Human Chain
I entered the Neuro Dept, checked in, then do what I always do- go to then restroom. On my way back to the waiting room I passed a lady in a wheelchair kind of waving to get someone's attention. I noticed and stopped, asking her if she needed the rest room. She should her head yes. So I wheel my walker up to the front desk and tell them that this lady would like some help using the restroom, the desk clerk nodded and called back to the nursing desk for help. So I turn around and told her someone would be right out. She was panicked because somebody just went in, and she wanted to be next, afraid of what would happened if she didn't go NOW. I know that sense of urgency very well. So I offered to wheel her over and she said yes. So I leave my walker and pushed her until she was comfortable with her place. I turn, lacking my walker, do the wall hug until I run out of wall and have to cross the waiting room unaided. Surveying my dilemma, a woman with a cane got up and brought my walker over. I thank her and take a seat. Wheelchair, walker, or cane. We are all connected, all part of this human chain.
mrsbuzzkill mrsbuzzkill
Jul 18, 2014