I was dx n 2009 with r.r.ms. I've done all kinds of therapies & changed my diet. I take daily vitamins 7 anti inflammatory suplements 2 help me. I did Copaxone 1 year.. shots sucks & it did'nt help much. 4 the last 4 years i've beeb doing Chemotherapy 1 x a month 7 getting Botox n my knees every 3 mos that has corrected & straightened my leg that used 2 limp.The last 4 mos i started 3mg L.D.N b4 bed & it's great with no side effects. i'm so thankful & grateful 4 how far i've come & how well i feel & It's by prayer & meditation that I grow stronger n believing i have the will & strength 2 not let m.s defeat me & i'm praying the same for everyone with this unpredictable disease.
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Was your chemo novantam?

I'm using Cytoxan chemo, wut do u use?

I used novantram. I used it 2 years ago . and used the full dosage over a year and no longer can use it.

I've never heard of that, so ? Will u use now? When were u dx?

So glad to hear of your progress. I have just been diagnosed and cannot afford the meds, so am going to approach my Neurologist about LDN. Thanks for sharing.

All of the drug companies for MS meds have assistance programs. I just stopped one of the oral one that was FULLY covered by the company.

LDN is not a treatment for MS. There are only a few treatments approved for directly treating MS.

All other therapies are for the treatment of MS *symptoms*.

Do your research and get on the treatment that you can tolerate AND help slow the progression of MS.

I'm sorry 2 hear that, i know the meds r expensive, i'm thankful i have medicare. Did u apply 4 it, wut will u use?