Some days r fine
But some days r just like what the hell!!!
It's like it likes to play tricks on yu!!!
I hate it(•.•)
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My brother has MS for about 3 yrs now.

Wow!!! How's he doing!!!

Oh dear, I wish you strength and warmth and love

Thank yu

I get it. There are some days I look at my bed and don't bother to make it. I'll be crawling back in it before the day is out. It makes playing Sudoku or reading hard for me when the lines won't stay even. I hope you are having a good day. My doctor gave me antidepressants to help me even and have fewer days I hate it.

Get off the anti depressants they make me feel like a zombie just eat healthy!!!

It's interesting that they made you feel like a zombie. They lift me up and keep my mood stable. The best results I have are when I take the anti-depressants and go to raw foods. But raw foods alone are not enough. If you had negative experience with anti-depressants and a change of diet works, I'm happy for you.

I care!

Thank yu!!!

Thinking of you and your struggles.

Wow hope it gets better :(

My uncle suffered for years with MS. Its an sob for sure

Those days are not so different are they,, its just how we perceive things that day that it becomes amazing or hell.. so lets keep it amazing

You have to make the good days special.

aww strong and take care