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I was first diagnosed right before christmas 2008, i thought i had a sore throat because it was hard Tto swallow and i kept spraying throat spray but nothing progressed. So i ended up calling a health nurse and advised her that i lost feeling in my tongue, sore throat and having kidney pain. She told me to go to the hospital to get checked out because i may have had a stroke and kidney infection. I dont like going to the hospital unless there is no other option. (doctors scare me). So decided to take her advise and go after my son said i was drooling like a baby while sitting at the computer. So once i got there i had about 5 doctors around me having me do all these silling faces, come to find out the whole life side of my face had no movement at all. And I thought it was just my tongue and throat with an issue. To make a long story short they ended up keeping the the hospital for a week and thats when i found out that i had MS. Prior to this almost 2 months exactly I found out that i had rocky mountain spotted fever, so i am not sure if one has anything to do with the other. Now I having occassional issues with walking and using left hand, basically hard time using anything on the left side of my body. Pain in the back of my left eye but i recently had a mri done and they didnt find anything new. I dont want to give up but i dont know what to do, i keep having episodes as i call it but the doctors arent giving me any treatment at all. The last dose of medication was when i was released from the hospital on christmas and about 5 days of home health. And my doctor is saying that he want to wait on the medication until basically something drastically (in his book) happens....ex: no feeling in face, drooping face. If anyone have any advice I would really appreciate it. I am a single mother of 4 kids, living 600 or more miles away from my family. I need all the support and advice that I can get.

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How are you doing? Rocky Mountain Spotted fever needs to be treated with something 24/7 whether its a natural remedy or a prescription antibiotic. MS progression can be slowed by a diet low in saturated fat. In a study, 95% of patients who followed a low saturated fat diet remained only mildly disabled for thirty years. On the other hand, 80% of patients who ate a high saturated fat diet died of MS.
Swank RL "Effect of low saturated fat diet in early and late cases of multiple sclerosis"

Also, eliminating cows milk and any dairy MAY help. Researchers compared intake of cow's milk in twenty four countries and found that populations that drank more cow's milk had higher rates of MS.

my prayers are with you. I don't have all the answers, but I do know that Jesus heals. It may not always be how we want it too. I believe Gos can heals supernatually, but I never had that expierence. The majority of it has been lessons and learning about health and also medical has helped. I don't have ms, but have had other issues and all of it is related to autoimmune disease. It comes from the body itself attacking itself because it somehow misfunctioned. There are things to help boost immune support, but I would if you can afford do both medical pray and ask for God's direction and healing. He may do it over night, but with my issues it has not been that way. I think it has been to help others that are going through similarities. Don't give up sometimes I feel that way also but we can't. When you think about God pray or quote scriptures to help build yourself up. blessings

MS, Lupus, gout...! 3 autoimmune diseases in ONE person, either you are a case for "medical phenomena" or your neurologist needs to be put in a straightjacket!

My only advice for you is to pack all your exam results and go consult other docs as far away from your area as possible!

I really thank you all for the support. I havent been up here in a couple days because I have been having episodes. The MRI results came back and they didnt find anything, the optomologist stated that if there is a small change they wouldnt see it. And The lesions that i had in december are still there, not much of a change. I ended up in the emergency because I couldnt swallow on the left side of my throat which has been swollen for a while now, arm, leg and foot I continue to lose feeling in. So while I was there they didnt know quite what to do because my doctor was on vacation. Once he came back he went over everything with me. He failed to tell me some of the test results from december and advised me this past tuesday, that I tested positive for Lupus also. Now this isnt something I know anything about. So now I have lesions in my brain, tested positive for lupus. I have never more confused in my life before then I am right now. I am truly lost. For the past couple years since I have moved to north carolina my health has went down hill. 1 1/2 after i moved here after i had my son, i had gout. I did everything they told me to do, followed the eating habits. Then a little over a year up until sept 08 i had been on muscle relaxers because my pcp didnt know why i was in so much pain. It took for my to contact the admin dept of the hospital and let them know i dont want anymore pain meds, muscle relaxers because in the long run its going to cause liver problems. I then found out Sept 8th 2008 that I had Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. I talked to my nuero about this and he doesnt know anything about Rocky Mountain so therefore him and my pcp are going to team up and try to figure this out. He started me on the home infusion this week. The infusion hurt so bad yesterday I couldnt take it no more, 45 min into the infusion my fingers swelled so huge my rings were stuck on my fingers, it felt like all the medicine was going straight in my hand. My hand and arm are swollen. I am going to contact my neuro next week to let him know but I dont think I can go through this weekend. Please any advise at all. Oh yeah he had us doing 5ml of heparin, previously had us doing 3ml my heart was beating fast as idk what, and still having chest pain....Please any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I have MS ... was diagnosed in 1998. Originally it was remitting/relapsing. Prior to the diagnosis, my mother had commented that I was walking like a "drunken sailor".

My "drunken sailor" walk would come and go but each time it came, it got worse. I got to the point where I could only go to stores that had shopping carts and would use the cart to get around.

Once I was diagnosed I was at least relieved that I knew what was wrong and that I wasn't going to die from it but with it.

One of the first things I did was buy a Pride Revo 3-wheel scooter. Best thing I did!

The scooter lets me shop at nearby stores and the 3-wheel type is incredably maneuverable. I can even go to a supermarket and go through the checkout lane.

I originally had saturn vehicle and purchased a lift for it. It definately allowed me to keep my independence.

These days my vision has also been affected and I can no longer drive. Luckily I live in Tucson, Arizona. We have a transportation system for folks with disabilities. Buy vouchers (like a computerized bus ticket). I can then call in a reserve a ride. At the time of scheduling the ride, I also schdedule the return trip. They picik me and my scooter up, take me where I need to go. I do what I need to do, they pick me back up and bring me home.

Once again, my independence has returned.

I was taking one of the MS drugs until a friend, who also has MS, told me that those drugs had never gone though testing. I was having more and more problems and began to figure that I needed to shop for an electric wheel chair.

Once I heard that the drugs had never gone through trials, I decided to stop taking the drug.

Today, I use a walker to keep me from falling when walking, I use my scooter to go further distances, I use a software program called Zoom Text to enlarge the text on my computer, and I use a machine called a closed circuit television to read any mail I get.

If I can answer any other questions that you might have, please feel free to email me (

Thank you, I really need this. And I will be researching LDN and talking to my doctor

Go to another doctor and get Low Dose Naldroxene (LDN). It's cheap, safe and it's effective. Look up online where you can get it near you.

Don't wait for Jesus to do anything. I have a friend with MS who was talked into seeking healing through prayer by pentacostal christians. He put off getting proper treatment for 3 years and his illness progressed rapidly. He went from walking with a cane to a walker and now he is in a wheelchair.

If he'd taken the LDN back when he was at the cane stage it would have stopped the advance of the disease. He has been on the LDN now for 6 months

and hasn't had another exacerbation and he seems to be stronger. At least his MS isn't getting worse.

Try the LDN. Try copaxene. Try something NOW. Don't wait for prayer to land you in a wheelchair.

Sometimes, the people we need may not be with us when we need them the most. But Jesus loves you and he can help like no other.

You can receive your healing right now. You know something, God loves all of us soo much that he sent Jesus to take our sins and our sickness on the cross. Jesus loves us so much thats why he took our sickness on his own body so that we need not be sick.

You know the disease that you have now in your body has already been borne by Jesus on the cross so you need not have it anymore cos God loves you and it is God's will that you be well. And by every stripe that fell on Jesus you are healed. You dont have to qualify to be healed..Cos Jesus already paid for it.

It is every human being's blood- bought right to be healed and well. Cos the price was paid by God himself. Because he died you give you healing. Receive your healing right now..

Pray this out loud. Daddy God, I come to you because of Jesus. Thank you for sending your beloved son Jesus to pay for my sins and bear away my sickness because you love me. Jesus, thank you that you came all the way from heaven to bear my sins and sickness on the cross, because you loved me. Thank you Jesus that all my past, present and future sins are forgiven because of your precious blood that was shed for me. Jesus, you allowed your body to be scourged and broken, just for me so that I can be healed of my disease.

Thank you Jesus. I receive my healing right now cos you have already paid for it. I declare that I am healed right now.

"Surely Jesus has borne my diseases and carried my pains, the chastisement for my peace fell on Him and by His wounds I was healed"

It may be a fact that you have the sickness..and the pain may seem more real than the truth that Jesus bore your sickness on the cross. Its just a matter of time as you keep believing the truth that Jesus bore your diseases on the cross, the fact will change. Truth is always constant but facts change and have to conform to the truth..

When Jesus was scourged, he got up again and again to position himself to be beaten again because he wanted you healed. He never spoke up when the whip lash fell on his back because he kept his mouth shut and received the wounds on his back, today, you can speak up and say that you are healed. Keep saying out loud "By the strokes that fell on Jesus, I am healed"

That is crazy. They should do something for you. My prayers are with you. Don't give up.