I ******* hate this disease.

Anyone here who's opinion is different?
DaveShaved DaveShaved
51-55, M
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I'm with you man... where is Dr. Jack Kevorkian? I need this nightmare to end!

It's not that bad. Admittedly it sucks, but there is so much one can do to help feel better. Talk to your doctors, family, and friends.

been there done all that positive ****... keep telling yourself that... you will eventually STOP believing that nonsense... 'Oh. it's not THAT bad....' just wait!

I didn't say that. I will turn 50 this year. I've been having exacerbations since I was 15. I was originally diagnosed as relasping-remitting and later diagnosed as secondary-progressive. I've have multiple doses of high dose steroids. Steroids caused me to have ITP and diabetes. I've enjoyed two careers and am able, sometimes, to indulge in various hobbies. I hope you can find something to help you.