I decided to write an update since my last entery was a long while ago. I am not taking any MS drugs. However I do take suppliments daily (NAC,B-12, Multi Vitamin, etc.) As well as LDN, an oil every night. I had the CCSVI surgery about 2 years ago. So much that I lost in the first place has been given back to me thanks to CCSVI. My diet has changed loads- I avoid sugar, gluten, red meat, and dairy as much as I can. My current symptoms are fatiuge, double and blurred vision, mild pain, weakness and some faint memory issues. I do have other symptoms that come up once in awhile. The year I became ill I did miss loads of time from school which made me have to repeat. In the fall I will be going to a new school for my final year. Yay! On my bad days or my "monthly" my symptoms do get much worse. I sometimes use a walker on those days simply because I need help getting around. Last month my dad was dignosed with MS as well. Looks like we have to fight this together now. MS sure has changed my view on life, in a good way.
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It could improve and save your life. I'm currently being diagnosed. My mother had MS and has since passed. Each person is different in severity. I am currently developing lesions in the right frontal lobe of my brain.... Losing my cognitive processes and memory scares the **** out of me.

i read about this... it sounds very promising