I do not know if I have MS. My mother had it and passed away in 2008 from complications related to the illness. I've been having strange symptoms and curious to hear others. Recently, for the past few days my left arm tingles and goes numb. The left side of my face goes numb every on and off but mostly feels like I'm just getting over novacaine.
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i know you can be cured of MS cause i was cured of dercums by an herbal doctor in meant

Seeing the doctor now. Numbness and tingling also going to my left leg a little. No loss of strength or weakness in left side. No unusual headaches. Left vision is a little blurry and eye feels numb, if that is possible. I'll let everyone know soon what the heck is going on. Blood pressure was low and heart rate was 66.

Off to get blood work and MRI of my brain.

Left leg today is feeling numb and tingling. They ordered an MRI/MRA for April 22. A whole week to wait. This sucks!

Hi there. I have MS. I was diagnosed in 2004. Your symptoms do sound more like a heart attack. So, please get to the doctor ASAP to get checked out. I'm not saying it can't be MS. MS is a very hard disease to diagnose. When I was diagnosed, I had lost the vision in my right eye. It was called Optic Neuritis. It took quite awhile but, I DID get the sight back in that eye. I was very lucky. They did a head and c-spine MRI and found that I had plaque and lesions on my brain. And had lesions on my optic nerve which were causing the blindness in that eye. You can go the the National MS Society.org to read all about MS. I wish you all the best!

Rush to the doctor! It seems like early signs of emminent heart attack....

Get yourself health check, better be safe than sorry!

Pls go and see a doctor. Undergo MRI so it can be treated as early as possible.

Could be stress

I hope it is a pinched nerve but my chiropractor was a little concerned because it shouldn't be affecting my face. Mom died of MS complications in 2008.