I was diagnosed with ms in August of 1999, so August of this year will be sixteen years of having this disease and it has not been easy, I have my good days and bad days. I have learned a lot of things in life since I have ms, one thing is that people can be quick to make judgements, I usually get you look good and you're not in a wheelchair.....and I will usually explain that people can live normal lives for the most part. I have learned to make adjustments, the heat really affects me, so I get stuff done early in the morning and I stay inside in the air if it is too hot out. I have seen what this disease can do to people and it is scary, but I just try to do what I can, while I can, every day that I get up and get out of bed and can stand up and walk on my own, I am grateful for...I am stubborn and determined to live my life and do things while I can. I know the ms is there and I just slow down and make adjustments if it starts acting up. My attitude is that I have ms, but I refuse to let it define me, or run my life. I would gladly answer questions and offer moral support for anyone else on here who is going through this disease because I know how bad it can suck.
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I could use that. I feel so misunderstood it sucks...