In 2012 I went on the trip of a lifetime to Canada on a working holiday. When I came home, I was depressed and watched an awful lot of TV. So when my left eye became sore, and my vision became blurry I ignored it. Until I woke up completely blind. I was diagnosed with optic neuritis. I was told that it would get better on its own, but was given three days of intravenous steroids to stop its return. An MRI revealed lesions on my brain. During the time I had optic neuritis, my whole right leg was numb, I couldn't feel temperature and would fall constantly. I was a part of a clinical trial to discover the relationship between eye movements and MS, yet my neurologist never officially diagnosed me as the attacks where not enough to cement a diagnosis. I have been having regular checkups and MRI's though to see any changes.
Then two days ago I experienced the most excruciating pain on my arms and elbows, it was like my skin was on fire when my clothes or hands or anything touched the skin there, with no wounds or injuries to justify the pain. Can anyone else relate to this? I am booked in with my neurologist three days from now, I'm anxious to see what happens as I thought this was all behind me.
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So has my wife for 40 years......