Might Have Might Not Waiting To See

maybe maybe not.

let me start my story (as i type with one eye shut so sorry for any spelling mistakes)

in early july 2009 i got a feeling of numbness in my left arm and at the same time my top lip had a tingly feeling often making me slur my words. being a bloke who works 6 days a week and has good work ethics i didnt see my doctor.

i was on holiday at the end of july and my son took ill with suspected swine flu as i went into the doctors on holiday to get a prescription i just mentioned my own problems to the receptionist who immediately gave me an appointment for the doctor.

the doctor did all the initial tests but didnt find anything so she sent my notes to my doctors.about 2 weeks later the symptons stopped but i gained double vision that lasted about 10 days but it wasnt that bad, but my mother booked me an appointment with my own doctor as i never got round to it. he didnt know what it could be or if he did he didnt tell me,but arranged  for me to see a nerologist at the hospital.

my double vision had cleared up so waiting for my appointment which is nov 5th 2009 i got another spout of double vision, pretty bad this time enough for me to decide not to drive. so made an appointment to see the eye specialist at my doctors and she told me i might have MS, i wasnt shocked or frightened as i didnt know what it is, still dont so i dont know if i have ms or not, read abit but not alot as the doctor told me not to as i would frighten myself.

in a way im pleased that i can put a name to it as it was hard to decribe my doulble vision as it goes when i shut one eye doesnt matter which one.

what i want to know is ----- anything you feel i might or should know if this is like you or what i should ask at the nerologist anything you feel might help.

my wife was mad that the doctor told me i might have ms but reading other exp im glad

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Hey, do you have silver fillings? Mine caused 70 symptoms of MS: from ataxia, numbness of my toes and fingertip, "a burning brain," loss of peripheral vision, hypoglycemia, depression/anxiety/mania, memory loss, chronic fatigue, chronic sinusitis, vertigo, bladder infections, and a host of other symptoms. <br />
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This is because silver fillings are 50-70% mercury, which is released into the body as ethylmercury vapor. Anywhere from 3-29 micrograms of mercury are released by these fillings every day. The symptoms of MS and mercury poisoning are effectively the same. I got them removed and most of my symptoms are gone, I just have to spend a few years getting rid of the residual mercury from my tissues. Believe me or not, I honestly don't care. It's not going to be the case for everyone. I just know it worked for me. <br />
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Also if you've been exposed to a lot of thimerosal from vaccines, this could have triggered it. Also the government is now admitting that Hepatitis B vaccines can trigger demyelinating diseases. Check out the FDA's website if you want to confirm there is mercury in vaccines. No level is safe, considering it's more toxic than lead and arsenic. It is the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man. I have nothing to gain telling people this, only the hope that someone can recover the way I did. It's my hope.