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I have been through an array of doctors, blood test, MRI's, and CT scans for almost two years.  It all started when I was being over taken by dizziness spells and hot flashes.  It so bad that, I would literally fall to the floor not knowing where I was or what I was doing.  My primary MD at the time believed I was having low blood sugars.  He wanted me to test them on a regular basis and eat more often.  Then I started gaining weight like crazy.  Then I went to a different primary MD which sent me to an Ear, Nose & Throat man which was a total A-double S.  He tested me for possible inner ear infections, so on.  Then decided to run a brain MRI.  Which came back with many lesions.  When I went back for my follow up, mind you I was by myself with no support... he set in front of me and said, "You have MS, I'm done treating you." I set there in tears unsure of what to say or how to react.  The MD step out of the office to contact a neuro for me, I called my mother right away.  I was speechless... she kept asking me what was wrong... but I couldn't say the words. The ENT called this neuro, made me an appt for the next week.  I got to the neuro, he did the flex test, walking, balance, looked into my eyes and says, "That man is crazy, there is no signs of MS in you what so ever."  So we went a few weeks, in fact it was exactly 3 weeks from my wedding day.  I called that neuro because I wanted to go through with a lumbar puncture which came back negative.  Which lead me to a second neuro because nothing was making any since, which she agreed with the first neuro.  So my question is, what is wrong with me.  I'm scared to death because I'm not getting any better.  I have all over body pain from head to toe, I can't stand heat anymore because I can't breathe and it makes me dizzy,I'm tired all the time, I can't sleep for nothing, my bowls suck, no sex drive, no interest in food, use to be extremely active-exercising makes me want to faint and makes the pain100x worse. Low back pain, pain down my arms through shoulders.   Nightly sweats. use to have numbness down right side of the body but that has gone away recently. Please help me is this what MS is like or could I have something else??????

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Hey, do you have silver fillings? Mine caused 70 symptoms of MS: from ataxia, numbness of my toes and fingertip, "a burning brain," loss of peripheral vision, depression/anxiety/mania, memory loss, chronic fatigue, chronic sinusitis, vertigo, bladder infections, and a host of other symptoms. <br />
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This is because silver fillings are 50-70% mercury, which is released into the body as ethylmercury vapor. Anywhere from 3-29 micrograms of mercury are released by these fillings every day. The symptoms of MS and mercury poisoning are effectively the same. I got them removed and most of my symptoms are gone, I just have to spend a few years getting rid of the residual mercury from my tissues. Believe me or not, I honestly don't care. It's not going to be the case for everyone. I just know it worked for me. <br />
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Also if you've been exposed to a lot of thimerosal from vaccines, this could have triggered it. Also the government is now admitting that Hepatitis B vaccines can trigger demyelinating diseases. Check out the FDA's website if you want to confirm there is mercury in vaccines. No level is safe, considering it's more toxic than lead and arsenic. It is the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man. I have nothing to gain telling people this, only the hope that someone can recover the way I did. It's my hope.