I *may* Have Ms....

I simply don't know. 

My story:

A couple of years ago, I found myself having weird "pins n needles" and numbness all the way down my right-hand side - from head to toe.   I could still walk, could still function normally - I just tingled while I did it, lol .

It went away, as simply and as quietly as it had started.  Which meant I didn't think too much about it, putting it down to stress, or some kind of RSI.

Then about six months later, I had a seizure of somekind - still not sure what happened - and found myself in ICU, then transferred to a respiratory ward, as apparently I had pneumonia?!

During my stay, my "pins n needles" came back with a vengeance, to the point I could not walk without assistance.  The whole of my right-hand side just didn't want to work, and in no way was it going to hold me up.  This completely shocked all the Drs in the respiratory ward - obviously not trained to deal with this kind of thing.  Initially my Dr disregarded what I was saying.  It was one of the young interns who came to talk to me, to fill out some kind of form - he was the only one that listened to what I was saying. 

He must have had a word with the Senior Dr (not the main idiot-Dr that was treating me).  Senior Dr got things moving really quickly, speaking to a senior colleague in Neurology.  Within a few days, I was transferred to that Dept.  I was given all the various tests, MRI, Lumbar Puncture...etc.

The neurologist was thinking of putting me on a course of steroids, but within the next few days, all my symptoms receded.  To the point it was like nothing had happened.  As I had recovered so well by myself, the steroids would be left for another time.

The MRI showed 8 lesions on my brain.   This could mean I'm in the process of developing MS, it may not.  This may never happen again, or it could all happen again tomorrow.

So far, except for feeling a little fatigue (which may or may not be related), I am absolutely fine (cross fingers etc etc).

So, there is my story.

I'm trying to get on with my life, trying to look after myself, trying to get my general health back on track, trying to enjoy myself, not to worry...

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Thanks JMO. Yes, I'm happy about that too :) So far so good at least *crosses fingers*

Thank you. So far so good. It has all calmed down for now anyway.

The wondering is what gets you.It took 4 yrs for them to diagnose me with celiac disease.It was a relief.Before that people thought I was making it all up,my symptoms were so random.I hope you get all the help you need.

Krilloil, Your posting was very mean spirited and you sound like a very angry and unhappy person. My first thought was that I had mercury poisening or some other toxic poisening but all tests came back negative. I hate taking medicines and have only agreed to take one that helps me be able to walk, talk, keep from having siezures costantly, remember if I've fed my dogs, etc. People with MS get judged enough by healthy people without having to be judged by someone like you and on a forum like this that is supposed to be a SUPPORT system.

Thanks for the info, you may or may not be right and I'll take it into consideration. However, I know my life, and the events that have led up to this illness. I am as certain as I can be that I do not have mercury poisoning. <br />
<br />
Now, I don't like your tone and so will not respond to you further. <br />
<br />
Why come on here and tell me I'm going to "die in a miserable state". Who gave you the right to do that? Who gave you the right to try and make me feel hurt, to feel worse than I already do?

Thanks for the comment distance. So far so good... ;-}