Pay Me And I Want Fun

I often fantasize about being paid to take people out in the middle of clubs or at their homes.

I was see myself working for some secret cabal like the Illuminati or such, and always using a gun. 

Sometimes, I wonder if in the heat of the moment, say someone tried to hurt someone I cared for, if I would just kill them, or cut off their head and drink the blood tripping from their neck. 

I like to think about walking into clubs in a nice Saville Row suit, and just looking around for my target. Seeing them and walking past everyone and going up to their table, and when they are looking at my expressionless face, it's only when I pull out my gun and kill everyone at their table do they realize why I'm there. 


That's what mine always consist of. 

luciendumatin luciendumatin
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

and you think Dar has insecure desires? You daydream about killing your own kind for godsake....get some help!