Dancers Calves

I have been a dancer for nearly my whole life, and I've played sports for just as long. I was a Highland dancer, and 100% of our dancing is up on the balls of our feet. We had very repetitive elevation and landing on the balls of our feet, our muscles always engaged in extension, explosive power in motion. Having the feet, ankles and calves in continuous contraction in such a controlled way develops very strong muscles in the lower legs. The strength in my feet alone is impressive sometimes.

I don't mind well developed and toned leg muscles, but it sure is a pain trying to find knee high boots that fit!
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I bet they look great x

I ADORE dolls with nice full Calves . I would marry you in a heartbeat lady ! My name is Angel and I am single and hope you are too . if you have trouble putting on a pair of boots that is Great sign to me . So when you are ready to settle down let me know dream-girl ! nicktesla45 at I also love the dance !

Dang you're killing me! I have thing for your little issue, :DDD

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Would love to know you ! ;-)