That Doesn't Stop Me

Hi I am Jennifer bedard I am 12 years old. I have a mild form of muscular dystrophy. It makes it hard for me to open up a new jar of peanut butter. What bugs me the most is that I feel hat I am so held back when I am running. And then I remember that at least I CAN run. Most people with md are in wheel chairs. I kind of am proud that I have md. Because it doesn't stop me. I do horseback riding, clarinet, and I have an interest in rodents. Bless all of you!
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I totally get the jar thing, I'm 25 with fsh md and have such difficulty with things like that too. We're are fortunate enough to know walking and running are a privledge and feel the joy of it because we know it's a possible reality that it could be taken away, enjoy every minute of life!

Hi Jennifer, I too have MD and love to run. I completely understand how you feel like you are being held back when you run...that is exactly how it feels ( and yes opening Peanut Bar jars can be tough!). But I always remind myself that i CAN run and thank God for that. I am 42 years old and while my wobbly legs are getting to be more of a challenge and I cannot run very far, I will keep on ! Don't give up and keep your positive attitude. :)

I know exactly what you are going through. If you need anyone to talk to please feel free to get a hold of me:)