I Have One Too

I keep thinking of more things, but haven't written my list. So here goes, I'll add to it, as I think and dream and wish:
  1. I have to live back at the sea - as soon as possible, I hunger and yearn for it as a mother for her child. She soothes, and caresses me and lifts my spirit high. Her power and beauty remind me of who I am in God's eyes. The things she brings to shore are gifts or tossed aside, and I love to sift through them , and sometimes take them inside. Her colours and moods and seasons are fascinating and speak to me, of mine, and how to deal with them, and also be cool, and calm and at peace.
  2. I want to go to New Orleans, and go crazy at Mardi Gras, and throw beads, and collect them on Fat Tuesday. I want to dance and sing with the parades. I will gorge myself at the fabulous restaurants. I 'll revel in exploring the French Quarter and the cemeteries Thrill at the architecture, hovercraft on the bayous and compare the alligators to our crocs. Best of all, I want to meet the people.
  3. I'd love to see the Rocky Mountains and glory in their immensity and grandeur. Maybe take a ride in a canoe on a mighty river. I'd love to camp out and see animals so different to our own, and feel the open-spaces where God is to be found.
  4. I long to visit Europe especially Tuscany and Provence for a walking, eating and drinking holiday. I love museums, and would love to roam around checking out their exhibits, and do the same at the art galleries. I want to drink coffee and eat cake at outdoor cafes, and people-watch. I want to visit the old cities, and villages and see the gorgeous architecture.
  5. I want to go to the United Kingdom and visit the friends and family scattered around. I want to stroke a long-haired Scottish cow, and look for Nellie. I want to roll in the heather, and hear the bagpipes blowing in the early morning. I want to buy a kilt in my family colours and wear it with pride. I want to visit the coastal towns of such fabulous beauty, and the old cities of stone.
    I want to drive around the winding lanes of the English countryside and explore the quaint villages and markets and country stalls. See the latest Theatre and Dance shows and rub noses with the hoi-poloi. I want to visit the Wax museum, and the castles, and Buckingham Palace. I want to hear Big Ben and walk the halls of the great buildings, cathedrals and No 10! I want to see the Eye and Cutty Sark, and lunch in the posh places, and pub-crawl all night.
    I want to go to Ireland, and find my grandfathers birth-place. I want to visit the family there. I want to kiss the Blarney Stone, find my pot-o-gold and dance with a Leprechaun. I want to see the emerald isle in all her splendour and watch her people dance. I want to see the splendour of Dublin and the simplicity of the villages, and laugh with the locals.
  6. I want to go walkabout in Australia, as I visit with family and bask in their love. I want to explore the Barrier Reef, and race a kangaroos. I want to see Australia Zoo and the weird and wonderful creatures that make Oz their home. I want to see parrots in their natural state, and Blue Gums in theirs too! I want to go to Ayres Rock and listen to stories from the Dreamtime, and watch the sky clothe herself in shining, glittering jewels at night. I want to go to Alice SPrings and be in the centre of it all, and out to the edges, N, S, E and W. I wanna barbie with old buds, and watch rugby from the other side. Hear the twang and the familiar voices blend and become one.
  7. I want to paraglide again, but this time, see what's out there.
  8. I want to walk more with ellies, and tell them I love them. I want to listen to them rumble and feel their soft breath. I want to look into those eyes with the wisdom of the ages in them. I want to honour them.
  9. I want to sit with the gorillas in the jungle and watch them watching us. I want to see how they live and learn from their example. I want to tell them we're trying to keep them safe. 
  10. I want to swim with wild dolphins, and bask in their friendship. I want to dive and play, and hear them talk. I want to see them swim and dive and leap. I want to listen to their thought s, and tell them we understand. I want to thank them for their teachings and cooperation and selfless help.
  11. I want to watch another whale give birth and see as her baby draws his first breath, flying through the air, watched closely by an aunty. I want to see as mom turns to check, and gives him his first drink. I want to be close to them, smell the fishy breath. Swim under water to watch them in their element. I want to hear their songs.
  12. I want to see snow, and touch it and throw it and try to ski in it and then run from it to get warm before a giant fire, and look at the beauty and transformation outside.
  13. I want to see the Northern Lights and gaze in awe and wonder at a sight so precious and blessed, that only some get to see it.
  14. I want to read the great stories, and write more of my own. I want to explore the native tales and spiritual epics around the world. I'd love to visit with the elders of the ancient ones of the world, and see what they say are the answers to the wars.
  1. I want to go and visit the best Swiss and Belgian chocolate factories and buy up masses of their very, very best chocolate! And gorge my way around Europe on it!
  2. I want to visit the Vatican and see all the treasures, and wave at the guards and cardinals.
  3. I want to see all the wildlife the world offers, in the wild, and free, and happy.

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Thank you for your contibution yetanotherWhy - I'm working on a coupe of books, but keep taking long breaks to do other things. I will finish ...

Wow, great list! I think maybe you should add "write a book" to that list you've got there. You really seem to have a way with words!

As soon as your books sell, Andrew. Then you will be stinking rich and liquid. hehehehhe

Only in Africa, AP. She is the mother of life.<br />
<br />
love and peace<br />

B - c'mon, put on a thinking cap - write a bestseller (I forgot to put my book on the list I think),snob-boarding in Austria? Zip-slide at Sun City! Now THAT was awesome!!!!!!! Concerts?<br />
Yay, AP! Have you heard of the movie The Bucket List? Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Great movie! X@

it is sooo difficult. After seeing the Ice shelf of the Antarctic, most other things pale in comparison. <br />
<br />
Maybe the Northern lights.<br />
<br />
There are very few man -made things that can even compare - ah, I'd like to fly a transport plane (propellor driven), like a Hercules or Airbus. Not going to happen, though.<br />
<br />

C'mon B do a real list for us of things! I've been to the Vic Falls! I'd love to see the mountain Gorillas, doesn't matter where! X@

If you want to talk to the mountain gorilla's (your point 9) then you should come to Gabon with me. hahahhaaa.<br />
<br />

I don't know if there are many places that I still want to see.<br />
<br />
I guess they would be:<br />
<br />
Alaska<br />
Ireland<br />
NZ<br />
Yosemite Park<br />
The Serengeti<br />
Gabon - Forests and beaches<br />
Chobe<br />
Vic Falls<br />
Egypt<br />
Fjords of Norway, NZ and Chile<br />
Maybe Spain<br />
<br />
<br />
I have been to the Antarctic

Thanks for new suggestions all. KG I'd love to hold a little koala, in fact any baby! Yes when we lived at the coast, our home was at the top of a gorge that went fown to the beach. The beach itself was out of view because of the road that was built across the gorge. Our house was quite high up and we had views of the sea from every window except the toilet and bathroom. Those looked at the mountains behind us. The whole living area was open plan and we could see the sea on three sides. I watched a whale give birth from my bedroom window. I didn't know what was happening, but when the baby was flicked into the air to break the umbilical cord and take its first breath I realised what was happening! Awesome. She stayed in our bay for quite a few days, and we often caught sight of the little one breathing and swimming. Magical!<br />
B - I've seen photos from around there! Wow! Note I said nothing about cuisine in Scotland. My roots are too shallow for haggis, blood-pudding and such-like. I'll stick with plain oatmeal porridge thanks!<br />
T - can't wait till you come up with yours! I've already added to mine! :) <br />

Hi CC<br />
<br />
I have been to Inverness, just about 40km from Nairn. Stayed in the only B&B on Loch side of the road to Fort William. We had Dinner at Drumnadrochit, but I did not eat haggis.<br />
<br />
We were there in summer '03. <br />
<br />
The B&B's name is KimCraigAn<br />
<br />
love and peace<br />

Brilliant list. I particularly liked the kilt, Ireland and swimming with dolphins. You've seen a whale give birth already? nice.<br />
<br />
The local wildlife park ( http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/sanpr/clelandconservationwp/ ), allows visitors to hold of one of the koalas, for a photo. It might be something to add to your list :-)<br />
<br />
They usually only allow people to hold the female koalas. The males can be a bit of a handful apparently ;-) You don't really want to be wrestling with them, considering how strong claws their claws are.

Ooh thank you nakedeyes! I have friends in Scotland and some of the photos they've sent me are absolutely gorgeous! And much of it is up North! <br />
I am indeed very passionate, especially about the beauty of nature and our fellow beings. I'm sure you can see that.

Absolutely! A group of my girl friends want to start in the Seychelles with fishy barbecues on the beach being attended to and cooked for by sweet young things. I kinda sold it to them a while ago! :)

Thanks Cab. I haven't seen that movie but I've been meaning too ... love those actors & it is a great premise for a movie. I do need to start working on my own bucket list. It would be fun to have someone to take along for the ride.

Ah T, my little sister, that would be fabulous! But you've got to make one too, so we can increase the fun!<br />
Sappy, thank you, there are more, like visit a Swiss and Belgian Chocolate Factory with LOTS of money!!!<br />
And an "ellie" is certainly an ELEPHANT, also known as a heffalump.<br />
It's called a bucket list because of the movie "The Bucket List" about two old guys who meet in a hospital and the one says he has a list of things he wants to do before he "kicks the bucket". They go together and cross everything off on the list. Including some really hare-brained things that old men should never do. They have a wonderful time doing them too. It's a lovely, uplifting, inspiring movie, you should see it. It has Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in the leads.<br />
Oh and you MUST make a bucket list! But keep it real, maybe a bit ambitious, but really things you would love to do. Post it here! X@

That is a fantastic & well thought out list ! I'm with Angel ... what's an "ellie" ? Elephant ? I've never made a bucket list but now you've inspired me. Why do they call it a bucket list though. That makes me think of mopping the floor. It should be the Gold Box list or something ... lol.