Things To Do, Places To Dreams

Please forgive me..but my list is a work in progress. Some I have finished.

1. Sneek out of my parents house without getting caught  (yah I snuck out, but I got caught, but hey that was half the fun)

2. have an amazing outing with my best friends (went on a road trip over to Toronto Canada)

3. Drink before I am 21 and not get into trouble for it ( at the age of 19 you can drink legally over in Canada, but getting back over the border was fun)

4. skip school to go to the zoo

5. have a lesbian experience

6. get a tattoo ( I have a total of 11 tattoos now, started when I was 18 and havent stopped)

7. travel the united states

8. go skinny dipping

9. travel to Japan, China, France, Rome, Ireland and Italy

10. get married

11. have children (only have one right now, maybe I will add to that number down the road)

12. own my own home

13. own a pug or a chaweewee. (always loved the smaller dogs)

14. go on a ripcord (yah that was just a bad experience, I fell off of it and went flying down a hill into the water, my hip came out of place.. owww)

15. horseback riding with no saddle

Well that is it for now.. I will add on when I have more goals, dreams.. or just things I want to do that I havent done.

stainedglass stainedglass
26-30, F
Jul 9, 2010