My Bucket List

* visit Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Brazil, Japan, China, Peru, Singapore
* visit all continents at least once
* write a book
* get a tattoo on my back
* learn to play the piano
* learn to play the guitar
* try fencing
* become a good bowler
* finally learn ice skating
* finally learn rollerskating
* learn mountain ski
* try snowboarding
* have sex with a woman
* have a ********* with 2 bi men
* have sex with a man in his 50ies = DONE summer  '11
* own an apartment
* buy a car
* go to the Sensation dance event
* have at least 2 kids
* speak fluent German
* go to Mark Knopfler's concert
* go to Coldplay concert
* go to Muse concert = DONE May'11
* go to Andrea Bocelli's concert
* read The lord of the rings trilogy in English
* become very good at photography
* become part-time wedding photographer
* go paintballing
* Create photobook/photoalbum "My city" with my own photographs of Moscow

and thats all for now, but I'll be adding to the list
SunnySmile SunnySmile
31-35, F
3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

@thebigmyth: thanks :)

agree :)

Diverse list... sounds like you have lots of fun ahead of you!