My Things To Do In My Lifetime -

Maintain a long term friendship *
Visit Trinidad & Tobago & officially meet my dad's side of the family *
Fall in love * July 6th 13
Hike a mountain * Hawaii Diamond Head
Attend a fashion show * 2014 Toronto Fashion Week
Meet my idol * Lauren Conrad
Overcome a fear * operating cash register
Learn basic car maintenance *
Hold a new born *
See a shooting star *
Watch a lunar eclipse *
Be in a talk show audience * The Social CTV
Sat front row at a live event * Toronto FC game
Maintain a collection * restaurant business cards
Walk the Coney Island Boardwalk
Ride a mechanical bull
Attain dream home
Learn Spanish
Participate in the Breast Cancer Marathon
Go to Times Square in NY , visit the Metropolitan Museum and walk through Central Park 
Try archery
Land a job i'm good at & enjoy
Participate in the Cure for Breast Cancer marathon
Watch the sun set while lounging in a Hammock on Rangali Island
Hold a baby turtle
Visit a real blue's bar in Chicago & the Sear's glass tower
Costa Rica Florblanca for my golden birthday
Take a bicycle ride in South Africa
Spend a weekend at a B&B in P.E.I
Have a "Shop Till I Drop Day"
Touch a koala bear in Australia 
Ride a cable car in San Francisco 
Wine tasting weekend getaway in Chile, Portugal & California
Observe the famous Northern Lights in Iceland
Go to the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington 
Swim in the world's biggest pool; San Alfonso de Mar Chile 
Trip to Van Gogh Muesum via Amesterdam, Holland 
Witness the Mona Lisa, Paris 
Majestic Blue Mosque, Turkey
Become a member of a wildlife fund organization & advocate for Equality, Women's Rights, Poverty & Human Trafficking
Sight all the main attractions in my city 
Pay respect to Selena, Aaliyah and Frida Kahlo's graves
Vist Los Angeles's 6th St. Bridge
Attend a UFC fight, World Cup & NBA finals game
Monster truck show
Stay a night at Singapore's Marina Bay Island's Resort
Win the lottery
Have a bonfire ocean side
Remain debt free in 30's
Visit Manchu Pichu, Peru
Get married in Costa Rica, Florblanca
Watch all the top rated films of all time * 52 out of 250
“Sick Day” call into work and relax for the day
Universal Studios in Hollywood , CA
Join a wildlife fund organization
Experience a rooftop party 
Witness the Mona Lisa, Paris 
Get a picture with Chewbacca at Comi Con
Shoot a gun
Attain Masters in Education
Travel 1st class to Dubai
See the northern lights in Iceland
Send my mom on her dream vacay to Bora Bora
Romantic weekend with partner to Song Saa Private Island
Sunset Dinner at Aruba's Ritz Carleton
Spend 5 days at inner peace retreat Chivasom
Become a Muslim
Publish a book
Shoot a gun
Watch Phantom of Opera live
Adopt a dog
Sing karaoke
Eagle Canyon helicopter ride in Las Vegas
Grow a garden 
Stay at the ice hotel in Sweden
Try a food dish from each culture
See a film at the TIFF
Keene Pumpkin Festival, New Hempshire 
Mardi Gras,New Orleans 
La Tomatina , Borol Spain 
Ultra Music Festival , Miami 
Albuquerque Int Balloon Festival, New Mexico
Send a message in a bottle
Prepare care packages for the homeless in the Christmas season
Name a star
Skinny dip & makeout under a waterfall
Meet Grumpy Cat or Boo the Dog
Hear Andrea Bocelli, The Temptations & The Gypsy Kings live
Tour a chocolate factory
Throw a coin & make a wish in the Trevi Fountain, Italy
Ride a Vespa
Pay a stranger's restaurant bill
Float in the dead sea
Pet a baby tiger
Vacation in one city per continent
Visit a london phone booth
Build a ginger bread house
Eat in an underwater restaurant
Experience zero gravity
Go to a masquerade ball
Other memories - Sit w. the pilots in cockpit at 10 & ride in an ambulance 
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18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Woah. You better get cracking! Good luck! :D

Haha, it's pretty ambitious thank you ! :o

mine was just to enjoy what i want and eat what i want and as much as i want im a foodie myself

An ambance ride in Mexico is fun as well, I was in the front seat it was crazy fun despite what was happening to my friend