My List, Im Sure It Will Change As Time Goes On

1. Swim with sharks
2. Appear in a movie
3. Go on a road trip across USA
4. Hear one of my songs on the radio
5. Direct a movie
6. Fly a plane
7. Climb the mountain of a volcano
8. Rid a giraffe
9. Pet a wild and endangered animal
10. Own a pet crow
11. Invent something
12. See the Pyramids of Egypt
13. See a UFO
14. Help with the Big Foot search 

behemoth23 behemoth23
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3 Responses Nov 8, 2011

I'm starting my own bucket list! It's on a blog: <br />
<br /><br />
<br />
I'd love for you to take a look and maybe give suggestions :) <br />
<br />
Own a pet cow, interesting. My dad's always wanted a pet goat, and I may get him one some day! Maybe donate a goat to someone else in his name....hmmm

excellent list :-) <br />
#3 travel across USA I did that in 1972 WOW, it was life changing for me. I highly recomend that to everyone. My sister just got back from a road trip across the states. She is planning another. (she just retiired) donnt wait to retire to do it . Just go and travel young lady. <br />
Best wishes to you.

awesome!!!! id love to appear in all kinds. idt i can pick just one. but i know for sure one will be a zombie movie and one a serious movie.