My List...

Things I Have Already Done:
• Be there for the birth of my children (there is no greater experience than watching a life come into this world. I was there for all three of my kids’ births - incredible!)
• Do a marathon (I’ve done two)
• Do a triathlon (done too many to count)
• Do an iron distance triathlon (I’ve done three – sounded impossible when it first made its way on my list – after doing three all I can say is that they are easier than you’d think. Not easy – just easier than you’d think)
• Drive across the country (1988)
• Go to the Indy 500
• Do the Nautica NYC triathlon (awesome!)
• Do the Nautica South Beach triathlon
• Go to Europe (went to Spain last summer)
• Go to Hawaii (been to Maui – twice)
• Drink a cold beer on a patio bar in Key West Florida (did it once before and looks like I’ll be doing it again in a few weeks!)
• Go to a nude beach and not get sunburn! (did several times – never got burnt too!)
• Own a hot tub (love it – in every day)
• Get a tattoo (two koi in the shape of the ying yang symbol on my shoulder)
• Go on a cruise (personally, not all they are cracked up to be)
• Feel an earthquake (1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake magnitude 5.9 quake while living in LA)
• Lived in Los Angeles for a year and worked in Beverly Hills back in my twenties. Got a chance to meet a ton of famous people – favorite memory was talking to Billy Crystal for about 10 minutes – a super nice man).
• Go to Yankee Stadium and watch them play.
• See a shooting star – many times!
• Make love on a starry night on a beach – Stinson Beach CA – a long, long time ago. Wonderful!

Things Still To Do:
• Walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain
• Go to Ireland
• Climb to the top of Croagh Patrick in Ireland
• Go to Japan
• Own my own business some day
• Take up photography
• Write a book (not worried about anyone buying it. Just think it would be cool to “get published”)
• Swim with sharks (in a cage – no desire to be there in the water with no cage)
• See a tornado (not up too close though!)
• Be completely debt free
• Buy another Jeep Wrangler someday – take the top and doors off and drive around town listening to Bob Marley. I miss my old Jeep!
• Own a summer home on the shore of the ocean
• See the Northern Lights
• Learn the Flamenco Dance
• Go to the Masters golf tournament
• Give something back to those that have much less…
triguy84 triguy84
46-50, M
Apr 15, 2012