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22 years old, so far ive been skydiving, whitewater rafting, joined the polar bear club, rode the world's highest roller coaster, climbed a mountain, went hang gliding and bungie jumping. been to 5 countries in my life. pretty much been tried to as much as i had the oppurtunity todo as soon as i was out of highschool and free... We'll more free anyway.
Theres a lot of B.S. in the world, but i think its important to never let that steal your childlike enthusiam. A few things i rlly want to cross off on my list: Go into space, climb mount everest, write a book, scuba diving(i have once, but it was in a swimming pool), visit antartica, take over the world, and etc. >)
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Wow, sounds like you have an exciting life! I've been cliff diving, went to Haiti on a mission trip, haven't been on the highest roller coaster but I used to be deathly afraid of roller coaster but I overcame that :) I'd love to travel the world more as I get older. Which countries have you been to?

I went to mexico on a mission trip when I was a teenager, and now I\'ve also been to spain, turkey, oman, Italy (got lost on a volcano in Italy,then it erupted two weeks after I climbed it ^^ ), Cyprus, and Israel.

Cool! Did you go with friends or family or what on these trips ?

yeah, friends mainly. Turkey was with family

Fun:) I go to Europe next march

good for you, which part? or are you just gunna wander around

Paris and Dublin :) I'm going with a big group and ill be with my best friend the whole time so it should be an adventure!

have fun!, I\'m spending the next couple of years wandering the earth

Can I come ? :)

if you can abandon whatever job or responsibilities you may have, then yes, lets go

I just don't think I'll have enough money for all that traveling! But other than that I just have school:)

i ****** hated school!

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