My Bucket List.

Travel around the world with someone I love.
See a white tiger.
Take a photo all days of a year.
Throw my glass in someone's face.
Go to a haunted house.
Getting tattooed infinity.
Go to St. Petersburg.
Raise a koala.
Getting lost in a forest.
See the Coliseum.
Adopt a baby.
Buy and swim with a fake mermaid tail.
Hit someone behind the head with a frying pan.
Kiss someone in the back of a taxi.
Learn how to make sushi.
Don't wear anything other than high heels overnight.
Go to the Carnival of Venice.
Go to Madagascar.
See the seven wonders of the world.
Put a Mentos in a coke bottle.
Try indian food.
See a sunset in the Colorado.
Go around in a hot-air baloon.
Go to Tibet.
Run away and be hired in a circus.
Go in a taxi and say "Follow this car!"
Send a letter to an unknown.
See northern lights.
Jump with parachute.
See the Niagara Falls.
Go ice-skating on a frozen lake.
Sleep in a yurt in Mongolia.
Go to Disney World, Florida.
Have a home on a cliff overlooking the ocean.
Learn and go surfing.
Go to a car race.
Go to do Speed Riding.
Ride a horse on the beach.
See an opera-ballet in Broadway.
Go to a drive-in movie.
Make a paint fight.
Go to the Rio carnival.
Learn to pilot an airplane.
Kiss someone underwater.
Swim with dolphins.
Jump off a cliff.
Go to Tokyo.
Receive a letter every day of a year.
See a meteor shower.
Go to do pirogue in Bali.
Living with people of the Amazon rainforest during one month.
Build a treehouse.
Learn to play piano.
Visit the 50 states of the USA.
Go to a masquerade.
Send a bottle to the sea.
Go to Sydney.
See a pyramid.
Ride a camel across the Sahara.
Learn sign language.
Save a life.
Plant a tree.
Go to Congo
Learn to drive.
Milking a cow.
See a tornado.
Reincarnate myself as a weeping willow.
See the Great Wall of China.
Go to the marriage of one of my friends.
Sleep on the beach.
Travel in the Trans-Siberian Railway.
See a great white shark.
Become Firedancer.
Overwrite a wedding cake on the bride's face.
Go to Aushwitz-Birkenau.
Sleep in an Igloo.
Sea kayaking.
Drive a rally car.
Go to India.
Learn the pole dance.
Live with a nomadic people.
Go to see my tree in Rennes.
Potdemiel Potdemiel
18-21, F
Feb 4, 2013