Plenty To Fulfill

Under Executive Order 228 from the Chairmen of the Board of the Legacy Consortium  the Bucket List file is revised

1: Go to Ireland - We want to experience the mindbending pleasure, the rare emotional wonder and soulful, joyful treasure that is Ireland for at least a month. We figure a month is more than long enough for a tour and hopefully to make some great connections along the way.

2: We want to own an island to one day relocate the Consortium to.

3: Odd one here largely inspired by our uncle taking a brother to the Trolley Car Diner in Philadelphia which led us to want to achieve the dubious goal of being able to say we have eaten at EVERY diner in Philadelphia. We know his uncle's spirit will smile upon me in this endeavor.

4: (Due to the nature of a benefactor advising us against a Sin City charter, the plan was scrapped). Chicago - got to visit the home of original Deep Dish along with other noteworthy landmarks.

5: Lockhart, Texas - This is a result of watching the travel channel food specials. Lockhart is the barbecue capital of Texas and like any healthy rugged eater - we want to taste what 'real' barbecue is supposed to taste like. Without sauce, just good old meat.

6: Interstate Barbecue - whenever a place does an innovation such as barbecue spaghetti, they've got our admiration and our interest. This neck of the woods in Mississippi, grabbed ours when I heard about their famed barbecue spaghetti. Initially skeptical, we have since become intrigued and just have to taste it for ourselves.

7: The following is a list of Northeastern haunts we also intend to sample: Stage Deli - NYC, Nardelli's Connecticut, Jersey Mike - NJ, John's Roast Pork - Philadelphia, Shank/Evelyn's Luncheonette - South Philadelphia, Kataz's - NYC, Sal+Kris+ Charlie Deli - Queens, Steak Hoagie Works - Philadelphia, EJ's Luncheonette -NYC and Nick/Stef's Steakhouse - Penn Plaza NYC. Yes we love us some food and it has never killed us yet.

8: We want a physical hug from LMS: whether it is G rated, PG 13 or R to NC-17(or X) is entirely her call.

9: We want to check out Tombstone, Arizona and see how and where the west was really forged.

10: To meet our sister Constance.

11: To complete the acquisitions listed under Project Treasure Trove.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

LMFAO! I got one request... can I be like number 8. It's my favourite number xD