Lions and Tigers and Bears - Literally!

I have my absolute dream job.  I wake up every day thrilled to go to work.  Ok, sometimes I'm too exhausted to be thrilled, but I never dread work.

Even though I come home smelling like urine and getting bitten at least once a month by something or another, I know in my heart that my job was meant just for me.  I know deep inside of me that this was my purpose.

I train tigers, leopards, cougars and servals and a wide variety of other animals at a Chicago zoo.  I am the head of my division, what we lovingly refer to as The Acro-Cat League.  I also recently began my own dog training business and am having a lot of success there as well!

I say good luck to you, friends who seek their calling.  Be open to experiences and always give new things a whirl...your calling may just surprise you, too!
Puzzle Puzzle
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2007

Great idea, Radiant!

Wow, you picked about the most exotic animals with which to work!<br />
<br />
You could now write a book about it and make a mint.<br />
<br />
Truly, think about it. <br />
<br />

How lucky you are! So many people cannot say this. My husband was a jazz musician and loved his job most of the time. When I was a school librarian - I loved my job but there were always politics involved. Working with your cats has to be great - just you and them. Training dogs has to be a lot of fun too - dogs are wonderful creatures and bring so much joy to us.

Thanks for such a wonderful and inspiring story :) I am glad that you have found your calling, and your place in the world! :D