No the piercing didn't hurt! It was 3 days later when I was late for work and trying to get ready in 5 minutes. I pulled my shirt on too quickly and got my ring caught in the button hole... OUCHIES!!! HOLY HELL!!! I still kept it in, but for about a week I had a black eye LOL

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I've always wanted many peircigs and tattoo's, i had my right nip done that really hurts i did my belly myself twice and it got infect so im gonn get it done pro 4 my sweet 16 really soon i hope and my nose i say thats the worst peircing i've had.

it didn't hurt to get it pierced.. but the clamp left my a giant bruise on my eye for days!!

must be nice

My girlfriend has hers done too... She said hers didn't take all that long though

I got a lebray. I guess thats how you spell it, like five years ago.Back when i smoked alot of weed. Anyway i used to get really high and would get the munchies and would be munching away until my bottom teeth would catch the inside part of it and just rip it hard.It would really hurt.It took along time for that to heal up to wear i could wear it comfortably