My Toilet Slave Is Mine To Use

My human toilet is imported from a children home for those children without any parents. It was in Letvia and the woman in charge there let me adopt him for a minor sum ´cause he was not fully ecquipped in his mind. I knew that I was going to use him as a slave when I brought him to Sweden. I had tested the creature in the childrens home and knew that he could give me a blow  and also drink my **** without any messy problems.
Today my slave is in daily use, mostly as a toilet in my family, sometimes a few friends come and "secretly" use him, the two men use his teethles mouth and throat for ******* with great joy. And this has been going on for several years now and will continue to do so as long as our wellprotected secret remains just that.
Willhelm Willhelm
56-60, M
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Can't the cops catch this mother ******?

can you find me a family that will make me their human toilet bowl i am very much willing to be a human toilet bowl for my whole life

u got to be kidding with me right?..this is just a fantasy and not true story right..yes it has to be imagination or just piece of crap writing..there are no human in this world who could do such a thing to orphan child..

Is there any person from Sweden who make give information of this moutherfacker to sweden Police?

u are a child abuser...and ur frnds and family tooo........burn in hell a##h###...........

Yes we are, and enjoys it too!

How can u post something like this ...u are d### for sure...

whoever u are...u are burning soon in hell..........................................................

Go and become somebody's slave, and you will then have a permanent slave in yourself.

I need a slave:(

i will gladly be your slave

You are a dirty old man with a perverted mind, that's what you are. You pretend to adopt a little child, slightly mentally challenged, and an orphanage in a far off country hands you the child in good faith. However, all the time your filthy mind was planning to use the child for working out your own lustful fantasies. You say the child is severely mentally retarded and cannot give his consent or otherwise. But you forget that even if the child were normal, the consent of a minor has no meaning (the child even now is a minor). Moreover, if the child is severely mentally retarded, 90% of the blame and responsibility for it lies on you. I am sure the child was only mildly challenged at the time you 'adopted' him, and that, given a proper atmosphere and training, he would have improved dramatically in due course. But by constantly feeding him on your **** and making him the victim of your own lust, and that of your friends, you ensured his becoming severely mentally retarded. You say he enjoys some of the dirty things you do to him. But if an old man like you can enjoy such abnormal acts and fantasies, what prevents a small child from enjoying certain things which he does not even properly understand? Can this be regarded as either consent or enjoyment?

Sorry again for very late answer!
Yes, I pleed guilty of charge. I am responsible for all that you accuse me of, Iwishtocomment; and I and my family is happy with using Frans, as a toilet, day in and day out. Right now I´m urinating in Frans... hehe, he doesn´t look very happy this time...

du kan äta min skit

jag döda dig om jag hittar dig

din skithög

I wanna be girls toilet

is this legal?

Not legal but secret

Just out of curiosity, did your toilet slave give his consent before becoming what he is now? If he ever wanted to go free, would you let him?

Frans does not have a will of his own, he´s very retarded and can not have a free life. He´ll be a toilet the rest of his miserable life ´cause I will outlive him.

i love to be used as a human toilet and anyone on here can use me <br />
the toilet slavery online community

you said that your family too uses the human toilet bowl do you have a wife or chilrens perhaps and how old are they

Yesterday my daughter, 41, came. We had a lot to eat. Later on we both fed my toilet Frans. He got his stomach full too.

you said that your family too uses the human toilet bowl do you have a wife or chilrens perhaps and how old are they

you said that your family too uses the human toilet bowl do you have a wife or chilrens perhaps and how old are they

this is disturbing. i want a master, but id never do somthin like that! mabey give him a foot rub, kiss his feet, or bow to him, but i think u take things too far, ha what an understatement. but he is a person, and i feel bad for him. how old is he?

Sorry for late answer... He´s twelv now, I think... I got him when he was seven. That´s a long time beeing a human toilet, but he´s still hungry for my and my friends fieces!

Please provide a guide book for training of toilet slave

Its so nice being someone's toilet slave forever and I wish my life would be the same. I hope my mistress will provide the best training before letting me do her intimacy.

I cannot give You advices, my toilet slave served me as such at once. He never hesitated, just swallowed it all, looking very content. And still do when I and my friends use him.

your a guy?

yes I am..I am very new to it.