My Nipples Are Pierced Vertically And Horizontally...

I decided to finally do it for my birthday. I went to the shop and asked a few questions to the piercer just to make sure she knew what she was doing. Well she took a look at my huge nipples and asked if I ever considered the vertical and horizontal piercings. Needless to say she had intriqued me. I picked out the jewelry for a 10 gauge horizontal and went to the piercing room. I must say that the feel of the needle is awesome. Sure it pinches a bit but it is soooo worth it. I left with just the horizontals that day but couldn't sleep cause I was thinking of the verticals and how they would look and feel. One week later I did the verticals in 14 gauge. They are rock hard and absolutely beautiful. I also got a vertical clitoral hood and inner labia while I was at it. Thinking about a nostril....who knows....
sherrysteele sherrysteele
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you surely hv a lot of steel in you

does it hurt? and would the healing time.for both would it still be 16 weeks

My wife has said that she would like to have her nipples pierced, but I'll have to do it because she's not enthusiastic about exposing her breasts to a stranger. She has large nipples, and I'd really like to see them double pierced, either two horizontal, one for a ring and a second for a barbell or both vertical and horizontal. If she does get her nipples pierced, I'd like to get her some nipple shields, which are extremely attractive. The only problem with pierced nipples is that they are erect all the time, and sometimes show through clothing. I have one nipple pierced, but I usually wear dress or sport shirts which have the pocket material to hide the piercing. I want my right nipple pierced, too, but that will be very obvious underneath a tee shirt.

While you are obviously pleased, my wife has been thinking about it, but is not sure. Any advice?