I have both of mine done. Two weeks now and I love it ! I love how it feels. My advice go to a real pro. don't cheap out.

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Both here too, and it has been two fun filled years since the guy put the steel through each, and into the cork stopper. To those who ask if it hurt I say "It hurt, sure. It was sharp. Then it was over." It's truth, and it has been worth it! I've always had VERY sensitive nipples, and I was afraid the pain would be too much. Accept that it will pass, it's only brief pain. NOW, my nipples are truly, exquisitely, transcendently sensitive! A raindrop, a breeze, a touch... I'm in love with the safety belt that crosses my left nipple. I feel wickedly sensual with my pink and steel treats hidden in my shirt, and I feel like a one man sexual revolution when I toss that shirt aside and share my little secrets. I love my nipples, and the rings that they wear. I just WISH people understood how gentle and vulnerable they make me feel, and that it is NOT a pain fetish! I'm prone to over react to rough treatment of my nipples, but it hurts, and goes against all of the feelings that make them precious to me.

I loved having mine pierced but had to take them out when I started nursing again :)

you could replace them right after each feed!

Hey it hurts like a mother but it feels so wickedly naughty to know what you're rocking under your clothes and only a select few actually know. I am super happy I got mine so far. Granted I'm only a few days out and they're still tended but so far so good. If you want them then get them and screw any nay-Sayers. It's your body, your nipples and your choice.

Did it hurt when you got it done? I want one but don't want to get it done, well, exposing myself to get it done sounds like fun but am afraid of the pain and getting infected cause things always go wrong for me when it comes to things like that.

I want a nipple ring but i'm scared i might lose sensation in my breast?

it intensifies!

I really want mine done,but don't know what other people would think or say

you have it done for yourself... NOT others!