My Two Little Secrets

i don't really know why I decided to get my nippled pierced. It must have been the long hours I spend in my dorm room with access to the internet and extreme boredom. I have my navel pierced already. I guess I kind of was thinking of my ex and this was my way of getting him out of my mind. I also like have piercings other than just my ears, and I can disclose them to whomever I want.

I read testimonials and watched youtube videos of people getting their nipples pierced. They were somewhat deterring, but the overall gist I got from them was that it hurt like a ***** but what worth it in the end.

So I googled body piercing around my area and went out the next day. Because I don't have a car, or a license I had to plan around my classes and the bus schedule to get over to the piercing place and get back in time for my intro to existentialism class. Well the first day of scouting out places turned out to be a disappointment because the piercer wasn't in at the first place, and my alternative was closed! the good thing was that because I had come when the piercer wasn't in I got a coupon for ten dollars off!

Even though I got a little discouraged from the day before, I convinced myself to go out again. I got to the place and filled out the necessary forms, I was kind of embarrassed to write down that I wanted my nipples pierced but I thought "what the hell?" i am here; i didn't come all the way out here to not go through with it. So when the piercer came out she was really friendly and probably noticed I was nervous. She brought me to the back of the store and I could hear the buzzing of people gettting tattoos. Her name was adrianne, btw, anyway adrianne told me to take off my top and relax. She was really proffesional and a perfectionist and it was over before I knew it. They were numb for like fifteen minutes right after but they really started to hurt when i had to beast over to the bus stop to make it back to campus in time.

After the fact i am sooo glad that I did it. I have like intense nipple pride now. I want to tell people about it, but i guess that's too much information. I love sitting around without a shirt when I am alone in my room just looking at them! I really love them though, knowing that they are my little secret gets me excited. They don't really hurt at all but they are just highly stimulated.





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mmmm very beautiful story..very well written..thanks you should share more!!

great story, i like girls like you
add me please

This is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it immensely.

Neat. I love pierced ears but there is something special when you take off a girl's shirt and discover pierced nipples. Plus if she's your gf you're not limited to ear jewellery...

Never have any girl like you :(

I did the same thing 9 years ago my wife doesnt like them so they have become my little secret I only show them rarely really only to women who like that sort of thing a girl from work and i did show each other ours and we ended up sucking ach others it felt awesome anyway i take mine out they are calloused and it works well enjoy your little secrets and be proud of them but choose carefully who you show them to if you want to keep it private.

Lol I know what you mean...Ive got my right one done and I loooove having the secret. ;)

Lol I know what you mean...Ive got my right one done and I loooove having the secret. ;)

I think a nipple piercing is hot as hell. In particular I like barbell studs.

I love to play with nipple jewellery. I also love the fact that she went through it so she could show me more beautiful breasts.

i think you should yell it to the world that you have them


I think pierced nipples are damn sexy.... What are your other piercings (other than your ears and your nipples)?

That is so cool! how are they?

That is so awesome. I'm glad you love them. I've always wanted to do that, but I was too scared. You should be proud!