My "fish Hook"

When I decided to have my nipple pierced I was in a miserable mental state, and a guy was playing games with me. I felt like a fish on a hook at the time, and I was trying to put my pain into a physical form. I liked pierced nipples, so I decided not to be so protective of myself anymore and let my pain become part of my physical person, ie to let it show. I didn't realise at the time but the guy who was hurting me was using my pain from my childhood abuse to manipulate me.

It's like my nipple knew, because until I got the guy's fish hook out of me and cut off contact with him for good, my piercing wouldn't heal. But now it's been healed for some years, but I am pregnant, and I have to take it out when the baby is born. I don't know if it will close up or not, some people say theirs did, and some say theirs didn't. I don't want the trouble of always putting it in and taking it out every time I feed the baby, so I will just leave it out. It will have to be out for at least a year, maybe longer, so I am just going to accept what happens. If it closes up I won't re-pierce it. Maybe I'll get a tattoo.
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Thats so sad dear, sometimes we have just to do what it'll takes us to get over something, doesn't matter how hard it is.

Thankyou. I'm long over it now, but it was hell at the time. Sadly I miscarried, so I'm not having the baby now. I would still like to have another child, but have had three miscarriages, so maybe I'm too old now.

I can only speak for myself, so I'd get advice from as many as you can, and also talk to professional pierces who have loads of experience and feedback, and usually many piercings themselves.<br />
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I didn't lose any sensitivity in my nipple, I only had one pierced. There is no difference between the pierced and unpierced in responsiveness, however the pierced one gets overstimulated more easily. When I had it done I also had only ear piercings and no tattoos. It was considerably more painful than an ear piercing. It takes longer to pierce - an ear is pierced in an instant, like stapling paper. With a nipple the needle is wide bore to ensure a large enough hole, and it is very hard tissue, so it takes time to push the needle through.<br />
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Afterwards the healing is more difficult than an ear piercing, and infections can be very painful. However very regular careful cleaning in normal saline is effective, you just can't afford to stop doing this for months.<br />
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I don't have any regrets about my nipple piercing, if you do it will close over if you take it out. However it has to be done right, by someone professional in a sterile environment, preferably someone experienced. Take your time to check the marks they put on your nipple before piercing it to be sure they are horizontal and going through in a straight line. Stand up, check in the mirror. It can't be redone without leaving scarring if it's done wrong.<br />
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The worst problems I had were: infection while healing; it once got caught on clothing and tore a bit, I think it was bruised from that inside, and had to heal again, that was very painful; and finally I had trouble getting it back in if I ever took it out to change jewelry, it always made it sore. Watch out about leaning in too close to a fire or heater too, metal jewelry gets hot.

I'm trying to decide if I should get mine pierced. So I guess I want to ask you if you would recommend it. I've only had my ears pierced and don't have any tatoos. My big question is about sensation after piercing. I don't want to lose any sensitivity. Any advice would help me with my decision. Thanks