My Nipple Ring

I recently got my right nipple repierced. Its a neon blue right now. I use tongue rings as jewelry. I currently own upwards of a dozen barbells. I like to have a choice of colors to change whenever I want.
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I have a stainless steel one-my original piercing jewelry. But personally I love the colored ones...more exciting for me. Its like having a fun secret under my shirt.

Like the secret part. Worked in a real conservative office, and if they could just see the dragon shoulder tattoos, the full back piece, and the nipple rings, what would they have thought. Also, kinda of sad that I didn't show what I consider as body art. Do now though.

Ive got three tats. Only one is in full view...a breast cancer ribbon on my rught forearm.

Never though of color coordinated, I just go with stainless steel.