I Got Both My Nipples Pierced!

On January 6th I got both my nipples pierced. I waited 6 months to get them done and I can't be happier with my new piercings. I can't wait for them to be healed enough for me to change my jewelry. I LOVE changing my body jewelry. I have pics posted of my new piercings on my profile.
AngelAndDemon AngelAndDemon
4 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Love nipple piercings, though none of my girlfriends would have them. Would love to see pictures

Added you so you can see ;-), it was not as bad as most people think. But i love them so much, i want more jewelry lol!

Awesome! My wife and I pierced each others nipples about a year after I, with her encouragement, started hormones and grew my own. We love to wear matching jewelry.

Pierced nipples are sexy, but I can't imagine the pain you went through

it's not as bad you might think. it more stings then anything.

I thought that you had three nipples!

cute ol man!

Ya. One on your back so it's easier to dance close.