Almost 20 Years Now

I got my nipples pierced back in the 1990s when some of my friends were getting their done. It hurt a lot and they took almost 2 full years to heal up all the way through. During the 2 years I got several infections that hurt a lot too. But they finally healed entirely. Here is some of my experience.

Men's nipples form a lot of scar tissue and end up being a lot bigger than they were before the were pierced.

There is a tendency (or compulsion) to stretch them larger once they are healed. The original 14 guage ring becomes 12 guage. Then 10 guage. I now have 0 guage. Each time you stretch them out they take months or a year to grow and become that size. They also often get wider again.

It seems to me that having big rings is more in balance with a man's large body.

One problem has been from cold. I live in an area where snow and cold weather is about 1/2 of the year. Rings tend to act like radiators and drop the internal temperature of your nipples. The bigger they get the more radiator they become. Cold becomes painful and can cause frostbite or just deterioration of the flesh. Flesh likes to be 98 degrees, not 70 degrees. Extended low temperatures can cause destruction of flesh. If you live in a cold climate be VERY careful to keep your pierced nipples warm. I now have plastic barbells that don't conduct heat in winter.
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DozerDan DozerDan
66-70, M
Jan 11, 2013