Two Years, Two Nipples, Zero Regret... And Countless Moments Of Sensual Bliss!

If you read my profile, the sexuality explains itself... getting my nipples pierced was the most wonderful decision I've ever made. I grew up a fat kid, with man boobs. It made me wear flannels and feel shame. I grew up into a handsome, fit guy, with big pectorals muscles, topped by rose pink nipples that would flatter any woman [who liked them small]. I felt sexy at last, and my nipples were more sensitive than some more familiar areas of guy topography. I enjoyed them! But still, I was self conscious without a shirt, a relic insecurity from my childhood of man boob shame. So I decided it was time to EMBRACE my nipples, and OWN them! A birthday present to myself. Now, I look for excuses to lose the shirt! Nipple rings trump the memory of childhood man boob shame. AMEN, and pass the feather :-)
Fellatius Fellatius
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Love it. Nipple rings look good on men. Men need to reclaim our historic right to be adorned. Big rings are even better. Mine have been stretched to 0 gage over almost 20 years. Carpe Diem!