I Want Them Both Done

I really want my nipples pierced for two big reasons. Firstly, I think nipple piercings look really good on girls of all sizes. I personally think my breasts are one of my best features, so it just seems logical.

I also lack sensitivity in my nipples, which is probably because my boobs are so big, and the nerves are probably stretched a bit too much. I love watching a guy fondle me and sucking on my nipples, but can barely feel it. I'm told that a piercing will heighten my sensitivity.


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...sucking is good !!!

<p>Hey hun, I along with my three older daughters had our nipples pierced a few years ago and we just love to play with them and to show them off by going topless at the beach and other places. We all love going braless and showing off our natural huge boobs. I am a 44EE. My daughters boobs are 36D. 38DD, and 42GG.</p><p>Yes, our nipples are very sensitive and love it so much when they are played with by others when having sex. </p><p>I would recommend it to all women to get their nipples pierced. However, on the down side, it does hurt and takes about 12 months to heal. You will love them I am sure so take the plunge and go for it because you will not regret it.</p>

how old are your daughters and how old were they when they got them done?

I have one done and my woman has both of them done. It was painful for almost a year. They are good now. It makes her look like her nipples are always hard. I like it when she wears her shelf bra so her hard nipples poke out and you can see the rings through the shirt.

I love piercings but i feel biting and nibbling help make the nipples sensitive. You could also try using ice on ur nipples. Once they r hard someone could busy one em.......

I had both my nipples pierced on the same day, my nipples weren't very sensitive either, so when I got them done it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Anyway, my nipples became less sensitive, and I feel much less than what I used to, although I love my nipple piercings, you also have to be very careful, many times my bra has accidently gotten caught and nearly ripped one out, and the shock you get from it is insane, as you imagine what you would do if it did rip out, how deformed it would look. It has been a year now, and my left one is starting to reject and get sore, I'm not sure why but I'm going to consider taking them out soon, I won't ever regret getting them done, cause they look fantastic, but to be able to rub my body and roll around with my boyfriend without fear of them ripping out is what I'm most looking forward to.<br />
Go for it, you only live once!

if you were to also get your navel done and wear pasteis with a g-string and go around the bar belly dancing in front of all the guys think of the money you would make and let them play with the chains a little as you give them lap dances and show them a real camel toe.

Yeah I think pierced nipples are a real turn on, especially on a woman with big boobs.

yeah it does hurt. i would suggest geting both done at the same time. just get it over with. but there is some kind of pleasure that comes out of it. i say go for it. just keep them clean and do as you are told with the healing. personally, i love them.

I think women look so sexy with pierced nipples,it really turns me on.