The Day I Was Born

Obviously the story was told to me by my mother. I shared this particular story to a friend and I thought it would be nice to share it with you all here.

My parents had three boys before I ever came along. My parents so badly wanted a girl. Then my mom got pregnant and found out they were going to have a girl this go around (they were going to name her Geniesse). During labor my mom had complications with the birth and Geniesse never made it. The doctors told my mom that it was not a good idea to have anymore children and urged her to have her tubes tied, but she refused. Well, my mom got pregnant again, and guess who came along. My dad said he held me tight and his first word were, "es mia", which is  "she's mine" mine in Spanish. And so they gave me that name. My mom would go on to have two other girls afterwards. They dubbed me a miracle baby, kinda crazy huh?

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:) ur welcome!!!

Thanks hun :)

Beautiful story..children are a blessing..lov ur name! *she's mine* thank U for sharing !