My house is seriously a piece of ****!!
We lived her for one bloody year oh here's the best part we are renting it and the landlord does nothing!!!
I have roaches in my room (it's an old garage), I've had spiders in my hair, spiders living in our body wash and hair soaps, moths and spiderwebs literally in every corner of the house. No matter how many times or how hard we clean its still filthy. Alot of the appliances don't work, we've called the landlord but nothing he's even yelled at my little sister cause our dad wasn't home when Dan (landlord) wanted to talk to him. Dan also doesn't give a **** about us either with dad in the hospital we missed one day of paying rent cause mom was working and no one could give him the money that day and he's threatening to sue us. UGH!!'
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u need to report him! he can go to jail for deplorable living conditions

I used to be a landlord. He can't sue for one day. He's blowing smoke. That doesn't make you feel better though. :-(