Flow - Nature’s Religion

Flow is Wolf spelled backwards. Wolves practice true survival of the fittest. Only the alpha male and alpha female are allowed to breed and if a cub is born defective the mother will kill it because she knows in the natural world it will not survive, as it should be, only the strong survive to take their place in the pack as a healthy productive member. In all of nature some form of this is practiced, though not as efficiently and practically as the wolf does.
I think “religious” is supposed to denote something about attitudes, beliefs, morals, and ethics, towards all of the important things in one’s life, a person can’t help but be “religious” if they have a solid value system, and I think it does not have to have anything to do with “God.” To me "religious" is a morality based spiritual belief system not having to do with an entity like a “God” per say but having to do with an internal moral code that expresses how one feels and and how they act upon fundamentally sound (or at least one hopes they are), fair and good principals of how to live a good life. As in "what goes around comes around" and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This seems like a pretty good way to live your life. In my opinion only as I do not profess to be entitled to anything more than that.

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Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

I think many interpret religion to be the words in some book or some organized social celebration of some written words. Over the years one thing I've noticed is that there are many parallels in the basis of most religious beliefs in terms of how people should act. Almost all specify that people should treat others compassion, dignity, respect in some fashion and of course, try to sway others to follow in their religious path ;)